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The End. A Webseries

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The End. A Webseries is a web video series starring Justinh Avery and Bryan Mayer as Duke and Johnny, two normal guys who just might be the only living humans left alive after the robot uprising and subsequent apocalypse. Justinh and Bryan have been friends for years, even before the machines declared war on humanity and killed everyone or made them into human batteries. Now, these two dudes are trying to survive on their own, scouting out the empty streets and avoiding kill bots on the hunt for survivors. They have a chance to hit the road and try to make it to Columbus (if it still exists), but their attempts at escaping always end with them succumbing to casual conversation amidst the devastation. This fun series presents short episodes, with each episode focusing on Duke and Johnny as they ignore their perilous situation in favor of a little R&R.The End. A Webseries is an inventive and entertaining show about enjoying the little things, even when the world around you has fallen to pieces.


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