The Guild

Season 4 Episode 1

Epic Guilt


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  • A great start to a promising new season.

    I'm still skeptical about this season's ability to top season 3, but there's no doubt that no matter what it will be entertaining and hilarious. Clara looks adorable with a blue octopus plushy atop her head, and speaking of head-wear, I feel bad for Bladezz in his hairnet (side note: I am NEVER eating at Cheeseybeards). I'm not sure at all how I feel about Codex and Fawkes as a couple, but maybe they'll crash and burn hilariously. Vork's declaration of simply wanting a Guild hall was endearing, and Tink's reason for wanting one is just so very Tink. She should trademark that prickly and competitive attitude, bottle it and sell it on the black market. I'm interested to see where this thing with Zaboo's mother goes. Is she coming back into the show? And how are they going to play out Clara's pregnancy (seeing as the first three seasons took place over the span of a couple weeks, if that time frame continues we'll probably never see a new baby from her)? Is Codex's computer kaput? Given the fire I'd say it seems so. Anyway, lots of places this season can go, and while the opener wasn't amazing (and was one of the shorter episodes), it had its moments and set up a lot of doors to be stepped through in future episodes. I can't wait!