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Season 3 Episode 12


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Everything is left up to Codex, with her fellow guild members defeated and bickering around her. Advice comes from an unexpected source, but is it enough? What will be left in the aftermath? Sacrifices, revelations, and borderline insanity abound in The Guild's third season finale.

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      • Codex: You know when rabbits or squirrels or other prey-like animals are in danger, and they freeze but inside you know they're totally freaked out, ready to dart at any moment or their little hearts will self-implode? That's what I was feeling when I realized that I was the only one left in that fight! I mean, how could life let that happen to me? Please, life! Don't do me any favors! I don't want to ever be the key to anything! (nibbles on a giant cracker)

      • (Cyd opens her eyes and looks around, finding herself alone in a bright white space sitting in front of a computer. On the monitor is her game avatar, Codex.)
        Cyd: Uh...
        Codex: Cyd Sherman! What is your problem?!
        Cyd: Other than talking to my own face?! Oh man. I've lost it. Thank goodness I don't have any pets to leave behind.
        Codex: You're moving me like a total spazz! Stop playing me like I'm you!
        Cyd: I am you!
        Codex: Uhm... You wish. Tell me: Who am I?
        Cyd: My fairy god-self?
        Codex: I'm who you are in-game, who you want to be. Confident, in-charge, naturally wavy hair. (runs fingers through her hair) You're playing me like I'm Cyd! Twitchy, self-conscious, with the occasional cycle-linked pimple!
        Cyd: Hey, that has nothing to do with gaming!
        Codex: Just relax and be me for a minute. Reality is kicking your ass right now.
        Cyd: Ok. Be Codex. I can do that. I guess...
        Codex: Oh, and don't count on this ever happening again. I kinda glossed over it, but... (whispering) You're pretty close to insanity right now.

      • Clara: I can't believe you're making me quit after this! Why do you hate the game so much?!
        George: I don't hate the game! I do take offense to you kissing another man!
        Clara: That?! You dredge up the oldest things!
        George: When are you gonna grow up? We have three children now! Why do I feel like sometimes it's four?
        Clara: Maybe because I'm pregnant!
        George: You're what?!

      • Riley: Zaboo! My toes are still unstimulated!
        Zaboo: No, Riley! Look, you got me killed and now the Guild's gonna lose!
        Codex: Thanks, Zaboo!
        Riley: (to Zaboo) Oh, raising your voice to me? You just earned yourself a night locked in the clothes dryer!
        Zaboo: Been there, not doing it again. I'm gonna be a man now and do what I should have done a long time ago.
        (Zaboo pulls out his cellphone, types a message, and closes it)
        Zaboo: Check my tweet.
        Riley: What?
        (Riley's cellphone rings in notification, she checks it)
        Riley: You're breaking up with me?!
        Codex: Guys! Make important life decisions later!

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