The Guild

Season 3 Episode 11


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The Knights of Good arrive at the internet cafe to face the Axis of Anarchy one final time. As the fighting drags on, the fate of the Knights rests on the most unlikely of its members.

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      • Valkyrie: No! No! Ugh. No sir! Honey mustard! Son of a nugget!
        Zaboo: That's some lame tourettes, dude.

      • Clara: Hey Vork, Wiggly's in the clear, right?
        Vork: As recently reinstated Guild leader, I'm willing to assume your nefarious activity wasn't deliberate, that you were just an idiot!
        Clara: How awesome is that?

      • Clara: Ungh, nag nag nag, when did you become such a stick in the mud?
        Mr. Wiggly: Stick in the mud?!
        Clara: Yeah! When was the last time we woke up in some strange hotel, asking, where are we, what state are we in, what concert were we just at?!

      • Valkyrie: Just so you know, I'll be playing my alt character, Artemis. Since my main character has no equipment.
        Codex: I am really sorry about what happened, it just got completely out of control and I jus - uh, Artemis? So you... play two girl characters?
        Valkyrie: Yes. Is there something wrong with that?
        Codex: No!
        Valkyrie: I play two girl characters because I like girls, I like looking at girls. I'm a... girl-loving guy. (pauses) I like your shoes.

      • Codex: Man, it felt good to be back together again! I think being in a guild satisfies one of my secret wishes: to be in a gang! I mean, I know they do "bad things", things associated with... gang-like activity, but um, it's kind of cool to have that exclusive connection with other people. We can invent secret handshakes, wear matching outfits, meetin' for brunch at the hideout! That sounds more like a book club... Upshot is, those dudes were goin' down! (tries to imitate gang signs with her hands, which quickly devolves into doing a peace sign and finally an imitation of a rabbit hopping across the screen)

      • Zaboo: Who's next? I got my Zab back!
        (Riley enters and shoots Zaboo's monitor with a paintball gun. She walks over and grabs him)
        Riley: Someone forgot that I like an afternoon foot massage.
        Zaboo: Whole-season-download...Riley?!

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