The House of Eliott

Season 2 Episode 1

Episode Thirteen

Aired Unknown Sep 06, 1992 on BBC



  • Trivia

    • As Jack gives his wedding vows it is revealed that he was born on the 15th of Spetember 1891.

    • The House of Eliott has appointed Joseph Wint, a bookkeeper.

      Sir Desmond has received a letter from Aunt Lydia saying that she plans to stay in the USA with Arthur.

      Four years have passed since Henry Eliott died.

      Jack has officially closed his photographic studio.

  • Quotes

    • Gille: Well, are you going to turn me down?

    • Beatrice: Jack, we might never be offered this chance again. Gille is arguably the finest...
      Jack: It's more than that isn't it? I've seen the way you look at him.

    • (Bea finally makes up her mind)
      Bea: I have had such a wonderful day…I don't want it to end.
      Jack: It doesn't have to. You know what I mean.
      Bea: Yes. I will marry you Jack. I will marry you Jack Maddox.

  • Notes

    • This second series of The House Of Eliott attracted in excess of ten million viewers each week when it was first shown on BBC1 in 1992.

    • The cast and crew spent two months filming this episode on location in Paris.

    • To ensure they achieved the authentic look of 1924 Paris, filming took place at the Gare de L'Est at 3.30 am on a Sunday morning in order to avoid all modern cars and pedestrians.

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