The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour

Season 2 Episode 3

Lucy Goes to Alaska

Aired Unknown Feb 09, 1959 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Flub: As the episode's introduction ends and the show starts, you can see the airplane flying in the sky is United Airlines, but when it lands in Nome, Alaska, the plane is Alaskan Airlines.

    • Fred said that he was going to write his congressman, but didn't know who he was. Westport, Connecticut, is in the state's fourth congressional district. At the time this episode aired, Donald J. Irwin would've been the Ricardos' and the Mertzes' congressman.

    • Sid Melton played the bellboy in this episode. He would later play Sophia Petrillo's late husband in "The Golden Girls" in a recurring role.

    • Flub: In this episode, it is evident that Lucy is having a great deal of trouble making a bed in the hammock, with covers askew, etc. Yet in the very next scene, when the camera cuts to the hammock, it is a perfectly made up bed!

    • Fred makes a brief comment in this episode about Hawaii eventually becoming a state. It would become one in August 1959.

    • John Ritter and Vicki Lawrence both will later create the same hammock scene on their television shows, Three's Company and Mama's Family, respectively.

  • Quotes

    • (Lucy clears her throat, hinting that she'd like a chance to perform with Red Skelton)
      Ricky: Lucy?
      Lucy: Yes?
      Ricky: No!
      Lucy: Why not? I could do it.
      Ricky: Listen, with you in the show, Alaska will succeed from the Union.
      Red: 'Succeed'?
      Lucy: Secede; get out, get out.
      Red (turns to leave): Oh, I'm sorry.
      Lucy (grabs Red): Oh no, Mr. Skelton. Not you. Secede: to get out of the Union.

    • (Fred heads for the bed)
      Ethel: (pulls Fred off the bed) Just a minute. We're going to do this democratically. We're gonna draw to see who sleeps where.
      Ricky: That's right.
      Lucy: Me first, me first!
      Ricky: (raises hat) Ah, ah, ah, ah! Don't cheat.
      Lucy: (reaches in the hat) My mother told me to choose you. (pulls out and reads slip of paper) The hammock. (looks disgusted)
      Ricky: Don't blame me, blame your mother.

    • (Ricky mutters in Spanish)
      Ricky: Some accommodations!
      Ethel: Aw, now, Rick. It's kinda cozy.
      Lucy: Yeah. Be it ever so humble, there's no place like Nome!

    • (Red offers one of the rooms in his suite to Lucy and Ethel)
      Red: I'll tell you what, tonight you can use one of the rooms in my suite.
      Lucy: Oh no, we wouldn't think of inconveniencing you.
      Red: It's quite all right. I'm on a diet and I'm supposed to cut down on 'suites'.

    • Lucy: Gee your hair really is red.
      Red: Naturally.
      Ethel: That's more than she can say about hers.

    • Lucy: You act as if you've never seen sky before.
      Red: I haven't, I live in Los Angeles!

    • Lucy:...I'll drive a little faster, you keep an eye out for cops.

    • Fred(comes back in from complaining to the hotel staff): ...I wanna tell you people somethin'. Before they make Hawaii a state, they'd better be sure they've got enough beds to go around. I'm gonna write my congressman about this thing. What's his name? How do you fit into one of these goofy contraptions anyhow? You know, I'm liable to freeze to death lyin' on this floor. A lot you'd care!
      Ethel: Fred, are you gonna keep yappin' all night?
      Fred: If I feel like it, yes.
      Ethel: Oh Fred! OK, you take the bed. Come on, or none of us will get any sleep.
      Fred: All right, thanks.
      Ethel: Honestly!
      Fred(mumbling): The way it shoulda been

  • Notes

    • Little Ricky makes no appearance in this episode, and there's no reference where Ricky and Lucy had him stay.

    • Music in this episode, including "Poor Us," that Red and Lucy performed was written by The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour's own Music Director.

    • During filming of this episode, there was not enough time to send a crew to Alaska, so "location" shots were actually filmed in Lake Arrowhead, CA.

    • The original opening of this episode featured the Lucy and Desi stick figures, removed from syndication.

    • Desi Arnaz wanted this episode to be set in Alaska to celebrate the fact that it had recently become the 49th US state!

    • Lucille Ball and Red Skeleton's work ethics did not mesh on this episode. While Skeleton preferred to adlib and experiment, Ball needed a set pattern. According to Dann Cahn, Ball showed Skeleton how to do the "Freddie the Freeloader" sketch even though he had been performing the character for years as it was his most popular personality on "The Red Skelton Show."

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