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The Masthead

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The Masthead is a show from Marie Claire that gives an insider's behind-the-scenes look into what makes Marie Claire. The title of the show, which represents a list on the editorial page of a newspaper, is perfect for the content of the show, as it is a series of episodes dedicated to the insider's look of Marie Claire. Marie Claire is a very successful fashion, style and beauty magazine that always has great advice on what to wear, how to budget, and beauty tips, and many more countless topics. Needless to say, an entire show devoted to the events that take place in the corporate offices of Marie Claire is hectic and interesting. The show is hosted by Editor-in-Chief Joanna Coles who shows us around the world of the magazine. In this show we get to see what really goes on behind the scenes at a photo shoot, what the casted celebrities are really like, how luxurious the designer clothes are, and much more.


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AIRED ON 3/15/2010

Season 2010 : Episode 03/15/10

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