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The Message Show

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The Message Show brings urban sketch comedy to the Internet in a web series produced by the funnyordie web studios. Comedy writers Bashir Salahuddin, Diallo Riddle and Tamara T. White host the web show, taking normal everyday subjects and turning them into humorous urban short clips. Bashir becomes a reporter in one clip, after the U.S. government reduced school vouchers for inner-city kids. In his report, one family sends their kid to the prestigious Hogwarts magic school. The other unfortunate sibling without a voucher could only enroll in Buster's Magic School, where the brooms don't fly. Another clip presents the series "If did it," where criminals proclaim their innocence, but tell the audience that "If I did do it, I'd be something like this." Tamara T. White shows up in the series as a hip hop paralegal. She tells viewers in each clip that she's only a paralegal because she just has one more class to go. Interracial dating also comes into play when Bashir reports that true love between a black man and black woman has officially died after the Cosby Show was canceled. The comedy writers on The Message Show also write for other popular late-night talk shows.


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AIRED ON 5/4/2007

Season 1 : Episode 28

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