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  • 2012
    • Nathan Williams' New Band "Sweet Valley" and The Rise & Fall of The Clash
      Web: Twitter: Hey there. I'm Eddie DaRoza, and here's your Daily Detour. You probably know Nathan Williams of Wavves for his his fuzzy buzzy guitar songs about weed, girls, and aliens. Well Nathan has a brand new project that sounds absolutely nothing like you know him. This new band, Sweet Valley, is a collaboration with his brother. They're released one song called Total Carnage and it sounds like motown on on mushrooms. Yeah you can picture that right now, can't you! Here's a clip. Last weekend the horror-film graffiti artist Neckface hosted a party in Hollywood. I was super bummed I couldn't make it, but had a very important date with the Orange County fair and a Willie Nelson concert. Luckily, the guys at Altamont shot some cool photos of the art and party. Looks like a blast. And a few of the Face's prints are for sale online. Saving a spot in my bathroom for this sucker. And finally today… many documentaries have been produced about the legendary Clash. And pretty much every single one is cool to watch. But have you ever seen a movie devoted to the fall of The Clash? The Rise and Fall of The Clash is a new film that aims to figure out why The Clash disbanded out of nowhere. Here's a clip. Ok that's all for me. I'm outta here. You have a nice rest of your day. Later.moreless
    • WARNING: Skinny Jeans Cause Twisted Testicles
      Web: The Rad Report Twitter: Hey there. I'm Eddie DaRoza, and here's your Daily Detour. If you think wearing jeans that make you look like you're the fifth member of Led Zeppelin is super awesome, I have one more reason that makes them even cooler. You probably won't get any chicks pregnant! Yes that's right. A doctor is claiming skinny jeans on men cause a low sperm count. But unfortunately the problems don't end there. The doc claims skinny jeans also cause bladder weakness, fungal irritations, urinary tract infections, and get this… twisted testicles. Yes, you heard that right. Twisted. Doctor Hilary Jones says "I have seen several cases of men who have twisted testicles due to wearing jeans that are far too tight." I have only one word for that: bullllllllllshitttttttttt. A lot of people say much of Apple's success lies in it's marketing and advertising. So I wonder why many other large firms pay attention and copy Apple's minimalist ads? Well, a designer has created a number of ads in the style of the computer maker. How's this: Wheat Thins… Incredibly thin. Bic… Pen Levis… butt cheek. McDonalds… French Fry. I don't know about you but I feel buying some french fries and squeezing some butt cheeks now. And finally today… do you remember Rufio? The kid from Hook. Yeah that guy well guess what he up to these days? He actually has a YouTube channel where he slam raps about internet porn and other crazy stuff. He's pretty freaking good check it out. Ok that's all for me. I'm outta here. YOu have a nice rest of your day. Later.moreless
    • Girls That Look Like Skrillex
      Hey there. I'm Eddie DaRoza, and here's your Daily Detour. San Francisco indie rock band Girls has disbanded. Singer and principle songwriter Christopher Owens has announced that he is leaving the band for personal reasons. Owens released a statement saying "I am leaving GIrls. My reasons at this time are personal I need to do do this in order to progress. I will continue to write and record music." Pitchfork ranked the Girls album 'Father, Son, Holy Ghost' the 5th best album of 2011. In other news, last weekend the guys from Girls were working at a thrift shop called Vacation SF down the street from my house. Side job? When I'm bored I often find myself eating pizza, thinking about the world, or reading blogs on Tumblr. I recently stumbled across a pretty funny blog. Girls Who Look Like Skrillex. I never really noticed how much Skrillex looks like a girl, but some of the comparisons are astonishing. And some of these babes are pretty hot. Weird? Yes. And finally today... I'll leave you with some pretty cool pictures by photographer Lia Halloran. The photos are called Skateboarding With Light, and it is her work shooting skaters with a really low shutter in the evening. The results are awesome light trails and no figure left behind. Pretty cool huh? I do say so myself. Ok that's all for me. I'm outta here. You have a nice rest of your day. Later.moreless
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