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    • Food Cart Vendors
      Food Cart Vendors
      Episode 12
      When it comes to street vendor food in New York City - people usually think of pretzels and hotdogs. But lately food trucks have been popping up selling all sorts of yummy things - cupcakes, tacos, pizza - you name it. So I decided to check out a few food vendor trucks myself, that line up at a park in my native Brooklyn.moreless
    • Dances of Vice
      Dances of Vice
      Episode 11
      In the New York Times, at clubs all over the lower east side of New York City - there is one party name that keeps cropping up - Dances of Vice, Clearly, this rococo, victorian, jazz age and new romantic party and event group is catching on here, so I thought I'd go and check out one of their events for myself.moreless
    • eCycling
      Episode 10
      In New York City, it's very common to see old computers, monitors, keyboards, television sets, phones, and other discarded electronic equipment on the sidewalks. As the world becomes more and more aware of the importance of taking care of our planet, so too must we become aware of the dangers of dumping this kind of refuse into landfills. Old electronics should be recycled carefully and properly disposed of. Which is why it's great to see New Yorkers becoming more aware of the importance of eCycling, or recycling electronic goods. More and more often, organizations like the Mac Store in Brooklyn and eRevival are putting ecycling events together.moreless
    • Bollywood
      Episode 9
      Just when I thought I'd seen every dance craze that could possibly hit New York City, another one has come along: Bollywood. Based on India's version of Hollywood, Bollywood is a term for musical films that are a big part of Indian culture. With lots of color and energetic dance, Bollywood films are nothing short of specatular. So I thought I'd check out the craze for myself by taking a Bollywood dance class at Dhoonya Dance Studios in Manhattan.moreless
    • Free Market
      Free Market
      Episode 8
      As the recession continues to ravage people's pockets, New Yorkers are turning to more and more alternative methods of obtaining the means for survival. Bartering, even exchanges of good or services, dumpster diving, you name it: people are getting creative to survive. One group of anarchists have organized a monthly exchange called the Really Really Free Market, a place where no money changes hands and a good time is had by all.moreless
    • Urban Cowgirl
      Urban Cowgirl
      Episode 7
      When the Professional Bull Riding Association came to New York City's Madison Square Garden this month, they were greeted with a record attendance that smashed previous records. Apparently, New York City has gone cowboy. So The Resident went to check out this year's NYC competition - and also to learn how to ride a bull herself. After talking to two world champion bull riders, she goes for her very first mechanical bull ride, ever.moreless
    • The Anime Festival
      It seems like everywhere you look in New York City these days, you see Anime characters. So this year, The Resident went to check out the Anime Festival in New York City to see what this trend is all about. Of course, you can't just go to the festival without dressing up, so The Resident donned a very special outfit for the occasion to get into the spirit of things.moreless
    • Bird-Poop Facial
      Bird-Poop Facial
      Episode 5
      Since the dawn of time, ladies have gone to great lengths to achieve great beauty. From yanking hair painfully to being submerged in mud, girls have tried it all. And now, The Resident has gone even further, by trying the latest beauty trend that New York City has to offer: the bird-poop facial. Offered at Shizuka Spa in midtown, the "nightingale droppings" facial is supposed to brighten the skin while it exfoliates. Apparently, Victoria Beckham is a big fan.moreless
    • The Pole Dance Class
      The world's oldest profession has something in common with the newest craze in New York City: pole dancing. Girls are flocking to pole dance aerobics classes for bachelorette parties, girls' nights out, or simply just as an exercise class at the end of the work day. To me, it seems like a pretty risque, strange thing to do. So I decided to check it out for myself. I visited SHOCKra Studios in Manhattan for a class. The ladies there were incredibly nice and sweet, and they were more focused on getting girls up and moving than on getting girls up and making tips. Turns out the class was pretty fun and innocuous...not that I was any good at it. Watch the video to see my pole dancing skills - or lack thereof - for yourself.moreless
    • The Putting Lot
      The Putting Lot
      Episode 3
      New York City has two new obsessions: Going green and creating community fun. Residents of Bushwick, Brooklyn, have recently found a way to combine both in The Putting Lot. They've converted an empty lot into a 9-hole putt-putt golf course, with each hole being an art piece that explores an environmental issue. It's a great escape of family fun and education in the middle of an industrial neighborhood. The Resident went to scope it out - and took on her friend Tomato from The Sound of Urchin.moreless
    • Gotham Vampires
      Gotham Vampires
      Episode 2
      Ever since the movie "Twilight" came out, a new craze has swept the city, and that's a weird obsession with gore and vampires. So The Resident went to check out Fangoria's event at the Jacob Javits Center to find out what's up with this new fixation with blood and why people are into it. New in New York is an exclusive Babelgum series bringing you the lowdown on the latest, most unlikely hotspots and crazes in NYC.moreless
    • Gun Ranges: A New Rage in NYC
      With the economy in the tank and gun aficionados worried that President Obama will take away their guns, an unexpected surge in gun ownership and visits to gun ranges has hit New York City. The Resident investigates this strange new craze by visiting the West Side Rifle and Pistol Range in New York City, where she shoots a gun for the very first time.moreless
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