The Simple Life

Season 5 Episode 9

Almost Fame-Less

Aired Monday 12:00 AM Jul 29, 2007 on E!



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    • Paris: We thought it would be more interesting than Richard The Third.
      Sally: So you thought your life story would be more interesting than Shakespeare, the greatest playwright that ever lived?
      Nicole: Shakespeare isn't really in the picture anymore.
      Sally: Okay. William Shakespeare, Paris and Nicole are spitting on you.
      (Spits on Shakespeare book) Unbelievable! I am so insulted!

    • Nicole: Now Kim Hoe you have to live up to your name. So I want tongue or I am kicking you out.

    • Nicole: Hi.
      Kim: Kim.
      Nicole: What's your last name?
      Kim: Hoe.
      Nicole: Kim Hoe.
      Kim: I am a born Hoe.
      Nicole: You're a born Hoe! We actually know a girl named Kim and she is a hoe.

    • (On doing a love scene with her dog)
      Sally: You know its not quite a man. But it is a close second.

    • Nicole: I feel like I am a better dancer.

    • Nicole: We all sound like we are getting oral sex.

    • Sally: We will be doing Richard The Third.
      Paris: Sounds boring.
      Nicole: Before we do it, can I see your right breast again?

    • Nicole: Hey Sil
      Paris: What are you guys doing?
      Nicole: We are doing nude scenes.

    • Paris: Is everyone getting a little excited. Jeez.

    • Nicole: I totally look like fucking Matthew.

    • Paris: Richard The Third is dead. Literally.

    • Nicole: You know what, then you can't be an actor, you should go be like a janitor or something.

    • Nicole: You guys look like the Jaskon five.

    • Sally: We are going to do an exercise called 'The Cocktail Party'.
      Nicole: I love cocktail parties!

    • Sally: We are going to have this thing where I hold a pillow and one of you gets angry and hits the pillow.
      Nicole: Its kind of like rehab
      Sally: Rehab?
      Nicole: Yeah.
      Sally: I have been in a mental hospital but I have never been to rehab.
      Nicole: Oh, Ok. Love mental hospitals.

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    • Nicole is seen wearing a MADE jacket in this episode. This is a clothing brand owned by Nicole's boyfriend, Joel Madden and his twin brother Benji. In early 2006 MADE Clothing became DCMA Collective.