The Smurfs

Season 2 Episode 31

Turncoat Smurf

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Nov 06, 1982 on NBC



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    • (Gargamel, Azrael, and Snapper run off)
      Papa Smurf: Eh hehehe, the potion will soon wear off. And then poor Snapper will learn that things aren't always as they appear to be.
      Hefty: Yea, we sure found that out today. Sorry we jumped to conclusions, Brainy.
      Clumsy: Uh, yea, sorry we jumped on our conclusions, Brainy.
      Brainy: Well you CERTAINLY should be. Not only was it inexcusable but it is going to be added to this grrooWWWING list of no-nos that I am going to record for reasons that-- (Brainy tossed out of the village)
      Brainy: Well, at least things are back to normal.

    • (Smurfette "locks" Brainy in the storehouse)
      Brainy: I've got to escape and prove I'm innocent! But how? Huh! If I could reach that window.. Oo, there must be something around here--aha! Handy's catapault! That should do it! Now all I need is a rope to hold it down. There's gotta be some rope around here... (looks out window)
      Brainy: Aha! (walks out door, gets rope, sets up catapult)
      Brainy: There! Wait a minute! The door was open! (Brainy accidentally launches himself out the window and onto his head)
      Brainy: Great minds cannot be imprisoned for long.

    • (after Papa Smurf switches Smurfette and Grouchy back to normal)
      Smurfette: Oh, it's so nice to be me again! Nothing personal, Grouchy...
      Grouchy: I HATE personal!

    • Vanity: Poor Papa Smurf's been working in his lab all night long!
      Hefty: Boy, sure is hard work being a leader.

    • Papa Smurf: Two drops dragon's fried spiderweb... This is the most difficult potion I've ever smurfed. It must be powerful yet gentle to make Gargamel a nice person.

    • Clumsy: I've been thinking! Life sure would be easier if Gargamel wasn't so mean!
      Papa Smurf: Out of the mouths of smurfs--Clumsy, that's it! I know just what to do!
      Clumsy: You do!? Gosh! I'm smarter than I thought! Ahyuk hehehe!

    • Vanity: Oh, Papa Smurf, Papa Smurf, we thought Gargamel had us for sure this time! Oh! I hope this doesn't give me worry lines!

    • (After Clumsy bumps into Papa Smurf, spreading Papa's "personality improver" onto Grouchy and Smurfette)
      Grouchy: (in Smurfette's voice) Oh, Clumsy, you got us all wet!
      Smurfette: (in Grouchy's voice) I hate all wet!
      Papa: Oh, my smurfness! Instead of a personality improver, I've smurfed a personality exchanger!
      Smurfette: (still in Grouchy's voice) I hate personality exchangers, too!
      Grouchy: (still in Smurfette's voice) I don't know, Smurfette; I kind of like it!

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