The Temp Life

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The Temp Life

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Out of work, no money, and no job, we've all be there. The Temp Life drives home the funny as we take a look at what working in one of the toughest job markets in history can do to a man. The Temp Life stars a talented ensemble cast, lead by Wilson Cleveland as the often "troubled", yet determined Nick "Trouble" Chiapetta. Nick's returned from a long overdue vacation to find his job, and his company in shambles. His only recourse is to throw himself back into the job market, working with a temp agency just to make ends meet. Unfortunatly for him, his past actions continually have a way of catching up with him as his former employees, his new bosses, and his life seem to be taking their revenge. Looking for a way to get back to the top, Nick does whatever it takes to rebuild his temp agency and become top dog again by climbing the corporate ladder. Co-starring Mark Jude, Laura Kowalcyk, Rachel Risen, Thom Woodley, Chris Stetson, Taryn Southern, Sandeep Parikh and special guest star Illeana Douglas as CEO, Eve Randall.


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Coming of Age, Sitcoms, funny but sad, horrible people, issues with authority