The Temp Life

Season 2010 Episode 09.10.10

The Temp Life Season 4 Recap


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The Temp Life Season 4 Recap feat. Illeana Douglas, Sandeep Parikh and Taryn Southern. Before The Temp Life premieres its 5th season this November, get caught-up on what you missed last season! THE TEMP LIFE is an original comedy web series about a spoiled temp agency boss who loses everything and is forced to temp his way back up the corporate ladder with help from his fellow clock watchers. Created by and Starring Wilson Cleveland (Nick/'Trouble'). Also Starring: Mark Jude (Mark), Rachel Risen (Alina), Sandeep Parikh (Stevie P.), Taryn Southern (Nancy), Chris Stetson (Clark), Thom Woodley (Stormy) and special guest star Illeana Douglas (Eve Randall). Directed by: Andrew Park and Jato Smith. Written by: Yuri Baranovsky and Wilson Cleveland. Produced by CJP Digital Media and sponsored by Spherion Staffing http://www.spherion.commoreless
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