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  • 2011
    • The Holy Thugs of Venezuela
      The Holy Thugs of Venezuela
      Episode 20110519
      Venezuelans are traditionally Catholic. But in a country where at least 14,000 people were murdered last year, believing in traditional religious figures can sometimes get a wee bit difficult. The Santos Malandros (in English, the Holy Thugs) are an alternative set of saints whose common traits include sideways baseball hats, cigarettes, and guns. We thought it was either kind of perfect or really troubling that in Caracas, the world’s most violent city, people are worshipping at the feet of now-dead armed criminals. In this episode, we visit the shrines of the Holy Thugs to find out more.moreless
    • Libyan Lockdown
      Libyan Lockdown
      Episode 20110222
      Libya is the latest nation to experience the violent civil unrest that has plagued North Africa since December. But in August 2010 things were much different. In fact, the country was making steps to rectify its long-sullied international image. One of these steps was devising a youth conference to be held in Tripoli. We had wanted to get inside the country for a long time, so when Vice founder Shane Smith learned of the event he submitted his credentials and was invited to take part in the festivities.moreless
    • Mongolian Yak Festival
      Mongolian Yak Festival
      Episode 20110220
      VBS travels to the vast epic-ness of Khovsgol Province in northern Mongolia to check in on the second annual Yak Festival. Mongolians revere the mighty yak for powering Genghis Khan’s bloody rampage through Asia and Europe. And for their pretty hair. The festival showcased nature’s fanciest cows in an array of yak-related activities including yak wrangling, yak rodeo, yak cheese-tasting, as well as the main event, a balls to the wall yak race across the steppe. The Kentucky Derby this is not.moreless
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