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  • 2010
    • Cavegirl "second kiss"
      Cavegirl "second kiss"
      Episode 12.09.10
    • WSOB - PCE - Simple
      WSOB - PCE - Simple
      Episode 12.07.10
      Watch WSOB. On Poker Channel Europe!
    • Gus / Poker Channel Europe
      Gus / Poker Channel Europe
      Episode 12.06.10
      Gus Hansen... WSOB on Poker Channel Europe
    • WSOB - Doubling Cube - Tuesdays on Game TV
      World Series of Backgammon, Tuesdays on Game TV in Canada - play online, free play, money play, qualify for WSOB online and offline events
    • M tardieu et al in WSOB Championship, early rounds*****
      Introduced by Jessie CANTRELL, featuring the remarkable Francois Tardieu in the ---160,000 season finale to season II. Kicks-off with a rather infamous match-up between Oscar Carlsson and Jacob Holdt Simonsen. play online with the WSOB's official partner, COMMENTARY by Gus HANSEN, John CLARK and guest commentary by BG and poker pro, Sander LYLLOFFmoreless
    • clip: biggest balls play, Gus v Sander
      balls of steal play by Sander Lylloff in the face of vitriol from the commentary box! Though some credit goes to Falafel for initially supporting Sander's big play. $10,000 of their own money at stake. 5 point match, 3 mins on the clock, 15 seconds to play.
    • *****(2of2) World final 2005
      ===Play the WSOB Online Tour--- at Online Backgammon and Poker from World Series of Backgammon--=== 2005 world championships, the second programme covering the final, with commentary by Paul Magriel and John Clark. Introduced by Kara Scott Win your entry to the 2010 World Championships at
    • (1of2) ***World Final 2005. Paul Magriel, Kara Scott, John Clark introduce the final.
      ===Play the WSOB Online Tour--- at Online Backgammon and Poker from World Series of Backgammon--=== KARA SCOTT introduces coverage of the World Backgammon Championships. In the commentary box, the legend, PAUL MAGRIEL aka X22, alongside him, JOHN CLARK, making his commentating debut. An all American final between John O'Hagan and former pro blackjack player and bg legend, Dennis Carlston. This pilot series was the first televised match-play coverage of backgammon which was produced on a relatively modest budget, financed by sponsor TrueMoneygames, UK poker channel, Pokerzone and a private investor. On arrival in Monte Carlo, we literally had no idea how bg would play on TV and learnt quickly what would and wouldn't work. The biggest unforeseen problem was length of games and matches which were a nightmare to edit into one hour shows. We had tried to persuade the event to allow clocks, but back then, any change in rules was a virtual taboo as far as the TDs were concerned! WSOB became more radical and enforced clock usage on settings that worked for TV and players. Check out the experimental joker/ antijoker FX, which we chose not to re-employ in future series of WSOB!moreless
    • ***WSOB UK MASTERS (semi: Shino/Plenz)
      ===Play the WSOB Online Tour--- at Online Backgammon and Poker from World Series of Backgammon--=== WSOB in London for UK Masters held at the Casino at the Empire. 128 players entered the main event which saw the return of Gus Hansen to the backgammon scene. Gus and John Clark in the commentary box with new host, Jessie Cantrell. Gernany's Christian Plenz plays "the biggest match of his life" against veteran high stakes player, Japanese / Briton Kazuhiro Shino.moreless
    • ***quarter final clashes at WSOB Nordic. Hildsberg/Cato/Rzymann/Jacobowitz
      ===Play the WSOB Online Tour--- at Online Backgammon and Poker from World Series of Backgammon--=== all action matches from WSOB: two immense face-offs from the WSOB Nordic quarter finals as the 'intense' and fearsome German Gotz Hildsberg takes on compatriot, the studious and cool Jan Jacobowitz. followed by: Danish poker pro Claus Cato Beck Neilsen playing the force of nature that is Austrian, Tassilo Rzymann.moreless
    • **2009, season opens in Cannes
      play the WSOB Online Tour--- at online backgammon and poker from World Series of Backgammon-- WSOB season III opened in Cannes in July 2009. 78 players entered for the biggest buy-in in the world game at ---1250. Salamzy Najibullah defeated Falafel Natanzon in the final. Cannes would be followed by Prague and London and WSOB's finale, the $480,000 WSOB Championship, which would be held in London February 2010. 8 players qualified from the tour, each winning ---10,000 seats and it was Kazuhiro Shino who picked up ---100,000 having qualified via the WSOB Race---. Direct buy-in Peter Jes Thomsen was runner-up. Gus Hansen bought into the quarter finals stage for $30,000, but lost in short shrift. For more video clips from the 2009 tour, visit our clip channel atmoreless
    • ****Hurst/Plater/Trabolt/Olsen, Round One, WSOB CHAMPIONSHIP
      ===Play the WSOB Online Tour--- at Online Backgammon and Poker from World Series of Backgammon--=== also, Ryzmann/ Andrieu and Rida Hassan/Lagopatis WSOB Championship, first round match-ups: top half of the draw. The late Andy Plater, who died in 2009, was a highly regarded English player, who won his seat to the WSOB CHAMPIONSHIP via an online qualifier, Andy was a University lecturer with a Phd in maths; is first up against John Hurst, won if the UK Masters to qualify. Watch out for an error in that is severely punished in the Trabolt/Olsen match.moreless
    • ****LAST 4/FINAL ---160,000 WSOB CHAMPIONSHIP
      ===Play the WSOB Online Tour--- at Online Backgammon and Poker from World Series of Backgammon--=== From London to Helsingor to Cannes, 400 players played the second WSOB tour. Ultimately, 16 players qualified for the WSOB CHAMPIONSHIP, a ---160,000 guaranteed shootout, via the Race, live and online satellites or direct buy-ins offered to world champions only. 3 point matches, 1.5 minutes per point bank time and 15 secs per play. Some will have played the whole season to get here and will be dead meat in a matter of minutes, or a couple shakes. Unlucky. Commentator's quote "if you're scared, you shouldn't go to war in the first place". JC on Andrieu scary hit Some would just push the panic button... Now for the action from the last four, the celebrated and newly crowned world champion, Denmark's Lars Trabolt, a full time online pro, faces French photographer Frederic Andrieu, a super satellite winner in one semi; whilst Cannes Main Event Winner Bob Koca, a maths prof from the US faces-off with world number one 'Giant of BG' Falafel Natanzon in the other. Carnage ensues of course. This programme includes both semis and the final. The winner will collect ---100,000, runner up ---40,000 etc. Jessie Cantrell introduces proceedings with commentary by Gus Hansen and John Clark.moreless
    • *****Lylloff/Hansen, $10,000 bet, World Series of Backgammon Special
      ===Play the WSOB Online Tour--- at Online Backgammon and Poker from World Series of Backgammon--=== Semi final time in Denmark, backgammon teacher Hans Christian Mathiesen plays Iranian origin Swede, Parchami followed by: the notorious Gus Hansen v Sander Lylloff 5 point face-off for $10,000 in cash. John Clark and Gus Hansen in the commentary box. Falafel and Morten join John in the box for the Gus/Sander cash action and cajole each other into taking some side bets. Production Note The Gus / Sander match-up was an impromptu set-up put together when it was becoming clear the Matheisen/Parchami semi final was developing into a very dull encounter, the entire one hour episode was supposedly dedicated to it! Matheisen layed off the cube believing his playing ability far superior. Parchami just layed off it for whatever reason. So fast to act and after a quick word with Gus and Sander, they both agreed on-the-spot to play an exhibition match for $10,000 of their own money. Morten Holm and Falafel had the idea of betting with each other in the commentary box. The result is a superlative concoction demonstrating just how backgammon can work onscreen, given jeopardy, characters and a great back-drop.moreless
    • *****Final, Nordic Open, World Series of Backgammon
      ===Play the WSOB Online Tour--- at Online Backgammon and Poker from World Series of Backgammon--=== It's the final of the record field 2008 WSOB Nordic Open. 153 players entered the main event held at the Marienlyst Hotel and Casino, Helsingor in Denmark. Nordic Open is the second event on the WSOB 2008 tour, preceded by the first UK Masters which saw a world class field of 123 players enter the Main Event held at the Casino at the Empire in Leicester Squ. The final stop is Cannes followed immediately by the WSOB Championship, a 16 player 3 point shootout for ---160,000. At stake is Denmark is over ---100,000 in prize money, the WSOB Gold Cube and a ---10,000 value entry to the WSOB Championship, to be held in Cannes in July that year. GUS HANSEN and JOHN CLARK are in the commentary box with guest contributions from 'world number one', FAFALEL. New Yorker JESSIE CANTRELL hosts. Production Note Having developed the concept of televised backgammon over a couple of years; we took several steps forward in Denmark in terms of look, feel, layers and screen set-up whilst massively improving the technical qualify recording HD and tapeless and editing on Final Cut Pro; at the time a unique technical set-up. Graphics were developed with Chris Izatt, one of Europe's leading graphic deisgner/ programmers (with his company Voo Graphics) creating a very high quality image and much cleaner look and feel for the unique split-screen presentation. Chris also designed the electronic design to reproduce the clock timings on screen.moreless
    • *****Koca/ Hansen, World Series of Backgammon, Cannes 08, the final
      ===Play the WSOB Online Tour--- at Online Backgammon and Poker from World Series of Backgammon--=== It's the second season of the WSOB and the tour is in Cannes for the final tour event followed by the ---160,000 guaranteed WSOB finale, the Championship. In this programme, catch-up with the standings in the Race and see the final of WSOB Cannes between poker legend GUS HANSEN and American college prof, BOB KOCA. For poker players, check out the bluff doubles by both players and a cool spot by WSOB commentator! Gus Hansen is replaced in the commentary box by Morten Holm and Falafel Natanzon with John Clark anchoring. Hosted by Jessie Cantrell. Production Note Spot the blunder with one of the fields in the opening games of this match which incorrectly match either side. Branded fields were replaced from time to time to provide alternative branding for our sponsor. Unfortunately the art department, missed this and we were forced to switch at a break! In Cannes, we resumed the look and feel of Nordic, filming HD but with added pressure of a reduced budget, we were always under pressure with a major location production. In post production, we added sound effects around dramatic moments.moreless