Thumbs Up! - Season 2

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    Episode 20071114
    David and Harry hop off the train in downtown Fresno in the middle of the night. After breaking into what's either a warehouse or Mexican restaurant for a place to sleep, the two come across a graffiti mural touching on two of the artforms most common themes (drugs and fucking girls).moreless
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    Episode 20071113
    In the third part of their northward trek, David and Harry get a ride to Bakersfield from a friendly non-English-speaker. After a casual little run-in with a cop forces them off the highway, the boys catch a train and continue on through California's weird, semi-rural middle.
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    Episode 20071112
    In this episode, the Koreans Gone Bad come down from their testosterone high and arrive at David's folks's house in Koreatown. After one last homecooked meal, the boys gear up for their trip north and catch a ride out of town.
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    Episode 20071111
    David and Harry begin their second great trek from Tijuana, plotting a course up the US and Canadian and again US West Coast to the North Pole.