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Thumbs Up! - Season 2011

VBS.TV Premiered Jan 01, 2007 Unknown


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Episode Guide

  • Thumbs Up! Season 3: Episode 17
    Choe launches into a montage of the gang’s bizarre, repulsive, outlandishly awesome antics from their sojourn through the People’s Republic, proving that they’ve done it—they’ve rocked China. The season finale of Thumbs Up: China. Spoiler alert, it ends with Harry and David soaking in a bathtub full of cash.
  • Thumbs Up! Season 3: Episode 16
    When Harry’s prostitute girlfriend dumps him, the gang are stranded in a land where 1 billion people don’t speak their language. So they climb a tree that’s climbed a truck and ride it south all Ent-style.
  • Thumbs Up! Season 3: Episode 15
    While Harry’s sparking romance with a rescued prostitute, Dave wakes up with spider bites on his ass. The three have some trouble train-hopping, but manage to clamber atop a passenger car and freeload their way safely south.