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  • Season 1
    • Feminist Bookstore W/ Andy Samberg
      Toni and Candace help Andy Samberg find a book.
    • Feminist Bookstore W/ St. Vincent
      Toni and Candace host a St. Vincent show at the bookstore.
    • Feminist Bookstore Ep.2
      Toni and Candace pick out music for their bookstore, Women For Women First.
    • Closed
      Episode 11
      Fred and Carrie go shopping for a new shirt.
    • In the latest installment of Molly Schiot's "Check You Out" video series, ThunderAnt sit outside of Glenn Danzig's house in Los Angeles discussing their love of the Misfits.
    • Pet Haven
      Pet Haven
      Episode 9
      Buy your pet from Portland Pet Haven! With the Pet Haven Angels! Adopt your best friend today! Shot by Patrick Stanton. Edited by Doug Lussenhop.
    • Film Club Ep. 1
      Film Club Ep. 1
      Episode 8
      It's the most stereotypical film club you'll ever be privy to. Shot by Patrick Stanton and John Solomon. Edited by Jeff Buchanan and Patrick Stanton.
    • One Man Show
      One Man Show
      Episode 7
      Get on the VIP list for the One Man Show. Edited by Doug Lussenhop.
    • Katchenza
      Episode 6
      The Katchenza Kitchen Promise, brought to you by the Katchenza Chefs. Edited by Doug Lussenhop.
    • The Perfect Song
      The Perfect Song
      Episode 5
      Carrie and I wanted to come up with a short theme for the titles. She booked some time with Radio Sloan and I flew up from LA for a night to record. Radio set up a guitar, drum kit and keyboard. We started out with me on drums and Carrie on guitar but ended up switching instruments while Radio kept on recording. Carrie started playing on this organ setting on the keyboard and we liked that the most. It's easy when we don't need vocals or endings or choruses.moreless
    • Feminist Bookstore
      We picked out so many outfits for this skit. We went to a thrift store a few days before the shoot and combed through the aisles looking for anything lavender. I think we purchased even larger, browner, sweaters than what Fred ends up wearing on screen. Fred found the wigs at a local wig shop. The fact that I would be wearing a long black wig was news to me, he picked it out. I don't think I could have done the skit without the wig, I was using it like a life preserver. I laughed during most of the shoot; I couldn't take Fred seriously with that hair. Chloe from Reading Frenzy helped us out last minute and let us film there. Emily, who plays the customer, let us into the store after-hours and was kind enough to wait around until we were done. Patrick Stanton shot this and Doug Lussenhop edited it. There's a thrift store near Carrie's house that has some amazing stuff and has become kind of our wardrobe department. Also, the flyers in the video are real. We were going to make up our own, but when we went to a local bulletin board to get some ideas, we found everything we were looking for. We don't actually know any of the people we are describing. We just kept trying to come up with stuff. Great editing Doug!moreless
    • This Is Nice
      This Is Nice
      Episode 3
      When we came up for this idea, we actually had four lines, all of which were the most cliche and annoying things that people say on dates (and ones that we're probably guilty of saying ourselves). Our friend Patrick Stanton shot and edited this. We went to a downtown Portland restaurant and Fred tried to order using only those four lines. It worked. Overall, we found we could express just about everything we were feeling within the perimeters of the dialog. I don't know what that says about dating. During the edit, we decided to stick with one line. I think the only other lines we said were "Look", "I Get Scared", and "Let me look at you." Let me look at you = yuck! I liked driving around Portland for this. What a great city.moreless
    • Bicycle Rights
      Bicycle Rights
      Episode 2
      Bicycle Rights!
    • BOINK!
      Episode 1
      We filmed Boink one day during the summer in 2004. Fred flew out to Portland and we hung out for a few days coming up with ideas and shooting many sketches as we could. We used Corin and Lance's basement for the set. Our friend Jeff Buchanan shot and edited it. I think Corin did some of the shooting as well. Fred had done a Saddam Hussein skit before and wanted to work with it further. I decided to be a hapless yet earnest host of a cable access music show. We wanted the pairing to be preposterous yet to not ever acknowledge the fact that it is. At the time Saddam Hussein was on trial and I was obsessed with how he looked and acted. Very much like an aging rock star. He reminded me of a combination of Pete Townshend and Joe Strummer. I just pictured him playing guitar in that nice suit jacket. I wanted to do something where he was being interviewed about music. Carrie just came up with the name of the show and host as we were shooting it. Jeff Buchanan did a great job in editing it and doing all the effects and titles. Thank you Jeff!moreless