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  • 2008
    • Sam Phillips
      Sam Phillips
      Episode 06.25.08

      The music of Sam Phillips unfolds like perfect, miniature pop dramas. Her new album, Don't Do Anything, is loaded with great ones. Of all her incarnations as a performer – first as a Christian singer, then as a pop singer – the current Sam Phillips is one of the most alluring. On this Tiny Desk performance, recorded live at the desk of All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen, Phillips performs four songs from her latest CD.

      Set List
      1. "Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us"
      2. "No Explanations"
      3. "Signal"
      4. "Little Plastic Life"

    • Laura Gibson
      Laura Gibson
      Episode 04.22.08
      Oregon-based folksinger Laura Gibson was a good sport when we invited her to play a mini-concert for us at the desk of All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen. She drew a small crowd of curious office workers while playing a handful of delicately crafted songs.
    • Vic Chesnutt
      Vic Chesnutt
      Episode 06.05.08
      Athens, Ga., songwriter Vic Chesnutt is on tour in support of his latest album, North Star Deserter. In Washington, D.C., for a concert at the Black Cat, he stopped by NPR to perform live at All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen's desk. Chesnutt played five songs, including two entirely new ones.moreless
    • Sera Cahoone
      Sera Cahoone
      Episode 07.10.08
      Sera Cahoone got her start playing drums for a few widely adored bands in the Pacific Northwest, most notably Band of Horses and the spell-checker-defying Carissa's Wierd. But her self-titled, self-released 2006 album marked her as a fully formed talent — a warm and inviting singer whose songs convey world-weariness and homespun grace. Cahoone stopped by the NPR offices to perform a few songs at the desk of All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen.moreless
    • Thao Nguyen
      Thao Nguyen
      Episode 09.04.08
      Thao Nguyen makes captivating music. Her songs are raw and infectious, her voice has a distinctive swagger, and she's a remarkably nimble guitarist. The singer-songwriter stopped by NPR's offices recently to give an intimate performance at the desk of All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen.
    • Lambchop's Kurt Wagner
      Lambchop's Kurt Wagner
      Episode 10.08.08
      Kurt Wagner writes and sings beautiful songs with Lambchop, a hefty Nashville ensemble with a calm, restrained sound. When Kurt Wagner came by our office to play a Tiny Desk Concert, he came alone, with just an acoustic guitar, a stack of lyrics and his humble, good-natured sense of humor.
    • Dr. Dog
      Dr. Dog
      Episode 10.20.08
      Dr. Dog isn't an obvious choice for one of NPR Music's Tiny Desk Concerts. For one thing, it's a pretty big group, at least for the small space behind Bob Boilen's desk. The band's music can be pretty chaotic — loud and rumbling, with multiple instruments fighting to be heard. And singer Toby Leaman likes to belt out his vocals in a window-rattling, raspy growl.moreless
    • Jim White
      Jim White
      Episode 11.07.08
      Jim White is a storyteller first and a musician second. It's a kind of storytelling rooted in his own unusual history: He grew up in Florida in a deeply Pentecostal community and fell in love with the white gospel music he heard. But from there, White took a surprising path to becoming a full-time musician. He was a professional surfer, a boxer, a fashion model in Milan and a cab driver in New York City. White's travels recently took him to Washington, D.C., where he stopped by the offices of NPR Music for this live performance.moreless
    • Shearwater
      Episode 11.14.08
      We've come up with many excuses to have artists come in and perform Tiny Desk Concerts at the workspace of All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen. Some are too quiet to be well-served by traditional live concerts, while others are little-known staff favorites who wouldn't ordinarily receive a large-scale webcast presentation. Usually, it's just an opportunity to bring in artists who, for one reason or another, haven't gotten as much of our attention as we'd like to give them.moreless
    • David Dondero
      David Dondero
      Episode 12.30.08
      He should be a name everyone knows by now. Instead, troubadour David Dondero returned to NPR having slept the night before in his car. Dondero travels from club to club, singing his well-crafted songs — songs that have his signature lyrics at their core. His lyrics can make you smile with their wit and hurt with their bite, all at the same time. Watch Dondero perform his well-crafted songs at Bob Boilen's desk in the NPR Music offices.moreless
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