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  • Once again

    I am hooked, once again. My DVR is set. Thank you, Tom, for putting something together for the old fan. Love the cassette request. I shall find an old mix tape from back in the day and send it to you.
  • What late night shows could be like if they where 100% uncensored. The best part is there is lots of drinking and swearing. If you are sick of the same old formated shows like Leno/Conan then give this a try! Many episodes can be found at

    The show has now been changed to Tom Green's house tonight. In order to be aired on comedy central and some USA markets the show had to be watered down a bit and censored. There is not as much drinking or crazy antics. However it is still very funny, but not as funny and outrages crazy. If you liked Tom greens old shows you will most likely love this show. Both shows can be streamed in pretty high res from Tom's site. As well as other neat clips/user submitted videos. I will have to admit i am very impressed with the kind of stars that end up on his show. If your sick of the same old same old talk shows check it out via Webovision!
    Unlike other talk shows Tom also encourges his viewers to phone in or apear on skype. That way the fans can ask questions from the stars so Tom adoesn't always have to.
  • Tom Green is the next Conan O'Brien

    Tom's humor makes him funnier than he ever has been!!! He is lucky to be on this show with no restrictions or rules and he can do the show his way. I like the guests he has had on the show. It's just a fun show. My favorite guest he had on the show was Ed MacMahon. I'm not sure how he got that one but hey he did so more power to him!!!! I heard he was a candidate to get Conan O'Brien's job and I hope he gets. Jimmy Fallon doesn't deserve it. Plus Tom has done talk shows before so he knows what to expect and how to be funny in that enviorment. Tom Green Live is a funny show that breaks all the rules you cannot break on TV. WATCH IT