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  • 2013
    • Oswald - Sky Scrappers
      Episode 10.07.13
      At a construction site, different animals work to erect a building. They take a break for lunch, as Oswald Rabbit's sweetheart, who is a cat, stops by to bring him lunch. She tries to flirt with him, but the disrespectful workers pick on the couple.
    • Screen Song - Base Brawl
      Episode 10.04.13
      At the zoo, the animals have all gone to play baseball. Animals fill the stands as they watch the antics that can only come about from exotic animals who play baseball.
    • Inside a dark and creepy house, the shadow of a figure lurks. The clock strikes midnight, and the cuckoo comes out to announce it. As it does, someone shoots it. The clock itself picks up the phone to call an investigator. The investigator turns out to be Flip the Frog. He accepts the case and packs his stuff to journey through the dark and rainy night to the scene of the crime.moreless
    • 9/21/13
      The Black Knight of Pluto meets with Black Patch the Space Pirate and the Black Robot at his home castle. They plan to capture Squeak and Scratch in order to get Colonel Bleep to expend all of his energy so that they might take over planet Earth.
    • 9/13/13
      Betty Boop encounters some of the most annoying pests on the way to work; inconsiderate people who don't care to annoy her. So, when she gets to the courthouse where she works, she decides to become acting judge for a day!
    • 9/6/13
      It is New Year's Day in Persia and there is much entertainment to occupy the king and the prince. After the entertainment is finished, a man shows them a horse that allows him to fly. The prince tries it out, but he doesn't know how to land it. So, it takes him hundreds of miles away. He finds himself taken to a strange kingdom.moreless
    • ComiColor - Tom Thumb
      Episode 09.01.13
      A father paces back and forth awaiting the arrival of his son. When the nurse brings out a boy no bigger than her thumb, he passes out. As the years go by, he doesn't get any larger.
    • Gumby - Stuck on Books
      Episode 08.26.13
      Gumby is trying to get his dog Nopey to go into a book, but the only thing he can say is, "no!" Pokey helps Gumby persuade Nopey to take an adventure in Sherwood Forest, but he gets stuck trying to go inside.
    • 8/16/13
      A mischievous boy drops a fish in his dad's shirt. His mom only deals with him by giving hi ma piece of cake. Outside, a poor homeless boy struggles in the snow. He asks the spoiled kid's mom to buy a paper. She invites the orphan to live with them. This spurs rivalry with Junior, his new spoiled brother.moreless
    • 8/9/13
      Popeye walks into a Mexican town and buys a flower for his sweetie. In a bar, Olive Oyl is a dancer. He gives her the flower, and she continues dancing. Bluto comes into the bar and begins firing his guns. Everyone clears out...except for the fearless Popeye, that is!
    • 8/4/13
      Dick Tracy calls Jo Jitsu on a cruise ship. Two jewel thieves are on the ship. They figure out the detective is on the ship with them, and decide they must rough him up to keep him off their backs. But little do the know, they are in for something of a fight.moreless
    • Three Stooges - Movie Scars
      Episode 07.26.13
      The stooges get a job as stuntmen in Hollywood. The job begins well enough, as the director offers a raise for doing a couple of dangerous stunts. But, as the scenes progress, the director's stunts begin to get more and more dangerous.
    • 7/18/13
      Flip is the village barber. A hairy dog comes in to get a shave, and Flip shaves his entire body! He dances to a spider playing a tune on the piano while he does it. His stove and flowers join in the dance, as does a duck, a cat, and the shaven dog.moreless
    • 7/13/13
      The arctic bird giant has been stealing Captain Lowtide's cargo. Clutch and pals aim to catch him in the act. They find the totem pole that signifies they are at the captain's home.
    • 6/30/13
      Carnage starts this classic war cartoon off with animal characters in soldier outfits attacking one another. In one bunker, Bosko tries to have some normalcy, but has trouble because everything he tries to do gets blown up.
    • Squeak wants to build a house, but he has no tools. Bleep helps him out by using his utomic energy to create a house in no time!
    • 6/21/13
      Centuries ago in China, an emperor lives in a beautiful home, where he has a collection of beautiful things he liked to show to his visitors. Just outside, there is a thick forest where the emperor had never traveled. In the forest, there was said to be a nightingale who sang the most beautiful song. The emperor hears of this, and he sends his minister on a quest to capture it.moreless
    • 6/2/13
      Betty brings home a cat for Pudgy to play with. The cat seems like a welcome companion at first, but it turns out it has a side to it Betty didn't see.
    • 6/1/13
      A bellhop prepares for the arrival of the most important woman in show business: Miss Glory. All the rich men that arrive in long, elaborate cars tell the bellhop to mention them to the beautiful Ms. Glory. His anticipation builds until she finally arrives and appears to be someone completely different than he imagined.moreless
    • The Milky Way
      Episode 05.30.13
      Three little kittens lost their mittens. Then, looking out their window, they see the Milky Way and decide to travel there. They float up in a basket with balloons tied to it and find a whole land dedicated to milk of all kinds, with milk flowing like rivers!
    • The Iceman Ducketh
      Episode 05.24.13
      Daffy Duck walks into a shop where they pay money for furs. Daffy sets out to get one as winter sets in. The game he happens to be hunting is none other than Bugs Bunny.
    • 5/23/13
      Popeye, Olive, and Wimpy travel on the sea in a row boat. It is storming horribly, as Popeye grabs a couple of lightning bolts and tosses them aside harmlessly. When they finally make it to shore, Popeye punches a bunch of trees and the logs fall into the form of a house. A group of indians sneak up on the house. As Popeye meets up with each group of indians, he finds new ways to defeat them.moreless
    • 5/18/13
      Dick Tracy gets a call that the Eastside Westside bank is being robbed by B.B. Eyes and Flattop. He calls Hemlock Holmes, a canine cop, and soon the police are on their trail. They easily confuse them but they may not get so lucky as to get away.
    • ComiColor - Don Quixote
      Episode 05.10.13
      In a padded dungeon cell, Don Quixote reads about valiant knights and their crusades as their images pounce across the pages. He gets excited and charges the guard, defeating him and escaping to the outside world. He finds a horse and a suit of armor so on his quest he embarks. He finds many mechanical things that are unfamiliar to him which appear as monsters, which he attacks so as to save the world from it.moreless
    • 5/4/13
      Pudgy is feeling a little down and Betty begins to sing a song and give him some advice. She tells him he needs to get out of the house and make some friends. The advice seems to do him some good, as he tries doing as a squirrel does, and then a bear cub. He even ends up saving the bear's life.moreless
    • 4/27/13
      The stooges are helping a master painter paint a mural up high on some scaffolding. He leaves them in charge while he is gone, and only bad things begin to happen.
    • 4/20/13
      A couple of dogs are hunting cats in the mountains. Little do they know, they have a few tricks up their sleeves: namely guns, cannons, and several other contraptions designed to take out a dog or two.
    • 4/13/13
      The Queen of Hearts made some tarts. As in the classic fairy tale, the Knave of Hearts stole them. Animation by Ray Harryhausen.
    • Mel-O-Toons - Peppy Possum
      Episode 04.06.13
      Peppy Possum lives in the woods. He explains the way a possum can play dead when dogs come hunting them. But he is a different kind of possum who makes the dogs chase him. His dad gives him a stern talking to about the importance of playing dead.
    • 3/24/13
      Nertz U. and Burp U. are playing each other in a football game. Flip practices on the sidelines in front of a pretty lady to impress her. A huge player embarrasses him by holding his head so he can't move. Burp U. keep scoring, as Flip's team, Nertz U., try frantically to keep up. Can Flip turn the game around and lead his team to victory?moreless
    • 3/22/13
      On the rolling sea, a tug boat sways back and forth on the waves. It pulls into port and its captain emerges with his tuba. He tries to play it, but it comes to life and sticks its tongue out at him. In his quarters, he plays songs for his silly singing wiener dog. Tom and Jerry hear the music through the wall and begin playing music of their own. The people throughout the town hear the music and cheer for them.moreless
    • 3/16/13
      Clutch Cargo, Paddlefoot and Spinner in their 6th adventure!
    • 3/9/13
      Three little sheep see an advertisement for Little Boy Blue and his Red Hot Blue Boys, and they get excited and begin to dance. Meanwhile, the Big Bad Wolf sees lamb chops. They have to fight for survival as the wolf chases them around their house.
    • The three heroes are looking for Dr. Destructo. They search the moon, seeing the craters formed on its surface. There is a tower in the mountains of the moon, where they investigate. It is Dr. Destructo's lair.
    • 2/23/13
      Aladdin is a young boy locked in a mean old man's basement. There is no chance for escape as he is forced to clean the man's lamps day in and day out. He looks out and sees a princess in a parade which moves down the road outside his window. One lamp that he polishes turns out to be a special lamp: one with a genie inside. Now he may get his wish for freedom.moreless
    • 2/16/13
      The stooges own a bicycle repair shop. They bring out a bicycle with wings attached, and Curly Joe is riding it. They push it off a cliff and he hits the ground. They keep trying different methods of launching the Flycycle into the air, but without much luck.
    • Alice in the Jungle
      Episode 02.09.13
      Alice rides atop an elephant, as a black and white cat rides on its trunk. It hitches a ride with a stork, and gets separated from Alice. He meets up with some alligators and has to fend for his life. He goes around observing life in the jungle.
    • 2/2/13
      A cartoon about the history of California. Towns sprang up in 1848 when gold was discovered. Many people migrated there to get in on the gold boom. The sing-along includes the song, "California, Here I Come."
    • 1/25/13
      Lulu's daddy tells her to watch his incubator, and he says if she breaks even one egg, her dog is gone. One of the chicks hatches and goes missing. A stray cat tries everything he can to steal the chick and make it his dinner. But Lulu and her dog have a few tricks in store for him.moreless
    • 1/19/13
      Hoppity, Fillmore, and Waldo walk down the street. Waldo comes up with a scheme to make money. He decides to become a fortune teller, using Fillmore and Hoppity as props for his scheme.
    • 0.0
      A giant chases a king and his soldiers through town. The king narrowly escapes, and makes his way into a tailor's store. A swarm of bees chases him and the tailor out of the store. Outside, it is chaos as the giant terrorizes the town. The tailor helps in putting a stop to the giant's tomfoolery.moreless
    • Felix the Cat - False Vases
      Episode 01.05.13
      Felix breaks a vase while playing his music. Afraid he is going to get in trouble, he goes to buy a new vase at a Chinese shop. It is too expensive, so he finds a dog to dig a hole through the earth so he can get his vase there.
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