Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen

Season 1 Episode 4

Chuy vs. Keith




  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • Keith: I'm feeling good because I'm, like, "Okay, I butcher a lot of meat."

    • Chuy: I'm nervous, just because . . . I-I feel like butchery is one of my strong points -- growing up in a family of butchers -- but if I don't do well, it'll be, like, man, like, really f*$#%! up.

  • Notes

    • This 7:34 minute webisode was available for streaming after the broadcast of Top Chef "Don't Be Tardy for the Dinner Party."

    • This episode marked the first time the challenge was spelled out in a graphic, à la Top Chef.

    • Although each webisode begins with Tom's voice over that the program is sponsored by Toyota, this episode included a 20-30-second product placement that included admiring comments from Chuy and Keith. They used a Toyota to drive to the meat market, and then admired the trunk space. Lingering shots of the car on the road were also included.

    • Keith and Chuy go to San Antonio's historic Bolner's for their beef. Bolner's has been part of San Antonio since 1914 when the food market was established. Over the years, as the industry changed, Bolner's adjusted for the times. It now includes a deli where they serve lunches, a catering operation, a meat market that also deals wholesale, and the market carries one of their cousin's branded spice line.

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