Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen - Season 1

Bravo Premiered Nov 09, 2011 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Grayson vs. Beverly
    Grayson vs. Beverly
    Episode 12

    Tonight is the final challenge, and both chefs are determined to win the promised spot in the Top Chef final rounds. This challenge is appropriately reminiscent of Top Chef finales, and the women must treat it as though it were. And this time the twist is for the viewers; they'll have to wait a week for the winner to be announced on Top Chef.

    Challenge: 30 Minutes To Create a Dish Worthy of the Finale

  • Chris J. vs. Beverly

    Chris is weary and ready to go home, but gets a second wind when he sees Tom's letter. Bev, meanwhile, has a few more votes this week after last week's win over the seemingly unbeatable Nyesha. But first, Chris must figure out the kitchen to which he's meant to go.

    Challenge: Make a Dish That Incorporates the Ingredients Found in the Mystery Boxes

  • Beverly vs. Nyesha
    Beverly vs. Nyesha
    Episode 10

    Beverly enters the kitchen with several difficult episodes of Top Chef behind her, but if she thought the doubts and bullying would stop with her elimination she will be disappointed. Nyesha, meanwhile, looks at Beverly as an easy win which is reinforced when Tom polls the audience and no one votes for Bev. So Bev's belief in herself and Nyesha's belief that her streak proves she's the better cook will be the main competition—regardless of the food challenge and its two twists.

    Challenge: Create a Dish in 30 minutes Using Black Drum

  • Ty-Lor vs. Nyesha
    Ty-Lor vs. Nyesha
    Episode 9

    Tom's challenge to the chefs is most chefs' Waterloo. Nyesha, however, gets the opportunity for a little revenge against a rude competitor and also load the deck with her sous chef pick.

    Challenge: Cook a Pastry in 30 minutes with a Sous Chef

  • Chris C. vs. Nyesha

    Winning over friendship is the attitude in today's competition, but that's nothing compared to the attitude of the ingredients used in the challenge.

    Challenge: Cook with Items Bought at a Gas Station

  • Heather vs. Nyesha
    Heather vs. Nyesha
    Episode 7

    Heather—cut for bad cooking rather than her bullying of Bev—enters Last Chance Kitchen with her attitude still in place: defiantly unremorseful of her behavior. Nyesha is not only determined to hang onto her lead, but teach Heather a lesson. Tom, however, will be judging based on technique and method without the drama.

    Challenge: Make a Dish Using These Techniques: Frying, Injecting & Foaming

  • Dakota vs. Nyesha vs. Whitney

    Dakota goes into Last Chance Kitchen with guilt and regrets; her failure took down Nyesha because it was a team challenge. Nyesha is excited to prove that only the team challenge kept her from the win. Both of them will face two-time winner Whitney in a challenge that combines cuisines.

    Challenge: Cook a Dish Using Only the Wok & Cactus as Your Main Ingredient

  • Whitney vs. Chuy
    Whitney vs. Chuy
    Episode 5

    Still smarting from her elimination in front of mentor Hugh Acheson, Whitney would love to get back into the competition. But Chuy also wants to win, and he won't let his affection for Whitney affect his game. The challenge to create a moist burger from exotic lean meat, however, could hurt them both. Unless the short timer gets them first.

    Challenge: Create the American Classic Burger with Selected Protein

  • Chuy vs. Keith
    Chuy vs. Keith
    Episode 4

    Chuy, fresh from his goat cheese-salmon disaster at the dinner party gets a second chance that seems tailored for him. A perfect steak is ordered, but only after a field trip to pick up the protein of choice and a knife skills demonstration.

    Challenge: Butcher 5 Bone-In Rib Eyes & Cook 1 Medium Rare Steak

  • Richie vs. Keith
    Richie vs. Keith
    Episode 3

    Richie enters the kitchen still devastated by failing his boss Chris Jones, another Top Chef contestant this season. Eager for redemption, he is quick to grab at this chance, but the similarity of the challenge to his final Top Chef challenge and his palate may betray him again.

    Challenge: Make Something New and Exciting from Thanksgiving Leftovers Using at Least Three Ingredients Provided

  • Keith vs. Andrew
    Keith vs. Andrew
    Episode 2

    Still a little bruised from his teammates throwing him under the bus, Keith feels he has something to prove in tonight's challenge. But maybe not any more than Andrew, who is cooking for Texas pride and to prevent a third loss.

    Challenge: Mise en Place Race, Make a Dish Incorporating the Ingredients

  • Janine vs. Andrew
    Janine vs. Andrew
    Episode 1

    Andrew and Janine learn about Last Chance Kitchen, and find out there will be no downtime today as they are ushered back into the kitchen they were just eliminated from to recommence cooking.

    Challenge: Delicious Pizza in 30 Minutes