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  • Season 1
    • Charlie Foxtrot
      Charlie Foxtrot
      Episode 10
      The greater the risk the greater the reward. With time running out Andrews makes a desperate gamble that jeopardizes everyone's chance of survival. Will anyone make it off this planet alive?
    • Defecation Hits The Oscillation
      Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Two enemies must work together to traverse a group of perilous tunnels that could either lead to salvation or destruction. When everything goes wrong will the fragile alliance stick together?
    • Snafu
      Episode 8
      Survival of the fittest. Racine, the Kuzaan Captain, may have the upper hand but Andrews still has what everyone needs: a way home. Can these enemies work together long enough to survive?
    • The Suck
      The Suck
      Episode 7
      The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Andrews wondered why the Kuzaan had evacuated and now he learns what secret they had been hiding. Can anyone make it off this rock?
    • Whisky Tango Foxtrot
      One betrayal deserves another. When the truth comes out Andrews' command is challenged and so is the safety of all the survivors. What could be deadlier than the Kuzaan?
    • Shallow Grave
      Shallow Grave
      Episode 5
      It's not much but we call it home. Andrews and the other Rossdale survivors make it to the abandoned Kuzaan base. Is the safety and rescue everyone was hoping for moments away or was it all just a mirage?
    • Dead Reckoning
      Dead Reckoning
      Episode 4
      When you make a deal with the devil prepare to get burned. Barely holding the rag tag group of Rossdale survivors together Andrews is faced with a lose-lose situation. Does he trust his sworn enemy or listen to the allies who just tried to kill him.
    • Field Promotion
      Field Promotion
      Episode 3
      With friends like these who needs the Kuzaans? Andrews takes charge of the survivors just like the chain of command states he should. When tensions run high Andrews finds out who his allies and who his enemies really are.
    • Behind Enemy Lines
      Is just being alive enough when you are trapped behind enemy lines? Lucky for Andrews that he has found a small band of Rossdale survivors. Too bad they blame him for being trapped in this godforsaken place.
    • Fubar
      Episode 1
      What does fubar mean? Lt. Andrews, an evac specialist, finds out when he is catapulted out of the safe haven of the starship onto the front lines of a bloody battle. If Andrews and his team can make it past the space battle can they stay alive long enough on the ground to make it home?moreless