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  • Season 1
    • Bullies Are A Pain In The Brain
      Does someone in your family deal with bullies? Trevor, Jack and Skye can help them discover the secret of becoming bully-proof.
    • How To Do Homework Without Throwing Up
      Is homework a chore in your household? Kids will see their schoolwork in a whole new light after experiencing this jungle adventure with Trevor!
    • If You Don't Take Care Of Your Body, Where Else Are You Going To Live?
      Field Day at James Tovar Middle School is supposed to be fun. However, for Jack, Skye, and Darryl, it turns out to be everything but fun. Skye could not finish the jump rope rally, Jack could barely climb one foot up the rock-climbing wall, and Darryl was absolutely no competition for Hogarth in the 100-yard dash. Stunned, embarrassed and a little confused, our three competitors look to Trevor to find out what exactly happened at the field day games.moreless
    • Facing Fear Without Freaking Out
      What are you afraid of? Whether it's fear of heights or the fear of not fitting in, Trevor offers fear-busting guidance to kids hoping to overcome their anxieties.
    • Taking the "Duh" Out Of Divorce
      Divorce is painful and confusing for everyone involved, especially kids. Trevor helps kids understand and deal with the pain of divorce.
    • What On Earth Do You Do When Someone Dies?
      Death is a reality that is tough for kids to grasp. This movie is insightful, straight from the heart and is for any child who has lost a loved one, special person or pet.
    • Cliques, Phonies and Other Baloney
      Being one of the cool kids may not always be what it seems. Trevor shows everyone the importance of being true to themselves and reminds us that we are all, "One of a Kind."