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  • Season 1
    • Remember the Future
      A surprise phone call triggers Daniel's memory of not only what happened to him in the past, but in the future.
    • The Powers That Be
      The Powers That Be
      Episode 17
      Daniel wakes up on the sidewalk after being struck on the head and having a strange vision of being in Egypt 2011. Now his relationship with Isabelle is apparently on the rocks, so he makes a bold choice to call "the powers that be" on their game.
    • The Great Collapse
      The Great Collapse
      Episode 16
      Picking up right where we left off on episode 15 - Just as Daniel was catching up with the stranger that was following him, he gets knocked on the head and is left laying at the bottom of a staircase, unconscious. Now he awakens to find himself blindfolded, interrogated and tortured by a foreign man with a oddly familiar voice.moreless
    • Who's Chasing Whom?
      The much anticipated EP: 15 of TYRANNY the series. It's September of the year 2000 and Daniel and Isabelle get caught in a pre-election protest filled with police, which erupts into a chaotic foot chase.
    • Out of Ideas
      Out of Ideas
      Episode 14
      Daniel has been frustratingly conducting sensory deprivation experiments in his loft, failing to make any headway into revealing anything hidden deep within his subconscious. He is ready to give up when a mysterious man, Dr. Ethan Chambers, enters center stage.
    • Y2K
      Episode 13
      As the clock ticks down to the end of the millennium, Daniel realizes he must know for certain whether Isabelle can accept not only his eccentric view on life, but his possible hallucinations.
    • Losing It
      Losing It
      Episode 12
      After having been called into the FBI, Daniel McCarthy turns the camera on himself, as he documents his now heightened paranoia in a video journal.
    • Aversion
      Episode 11
      Daniel McCarthy gets called in for questioning by the FBI.
    • Deja Vu
      Deja Vu
      Episode 10
      Daniel begins construction on a sensory deprivation tank in his studio - but his work is interrupted by a surprise phone call from Isabelle.
    • Man From Atlantis
      Taking his friend Kurt's advice, Daniel ventures to Atlantis Books in San Francisco, where he meets an unusual book store owner who decides to educate Daniel on various conspiracies.
    • Note to Self
      Note to Self
      Episode 8
      Returning home late from his art exhibit, Daniel is finding himself in the midst of an emotion breakdown. The next morning however brings him a surprise clue as to what happened to him the week he disappeared.
    • Enter Isabelle
      Enter Isabelle
      Episode 7
      After having mysteriously disappeared for eight days, Daniel pays a visit to the hospital to have himself checked out. But as his doctor prescribes rest and prescription drugs, Daniel goes ahead with his art show, risking possible relapse.
    • Missing the X
      Missing the X
      Episode 6
      Daniel's ex-girlfriend, Alex, makes a surprise visit to Daniel's studio to confront him about his lack of social-ness.
    • Wake Up Calls
      Wake Up Calls
      Episode 5
      Daniel McCarthy wakes up from a nightmare, only to find things are not as they should be in the real world.
    • Crossing Wires
      Crossing Wires
      Episode 4
      Monday November 22nd, 1999, 1:31pm: Daniel McCarthy is rigged up for the second half of Edson Cross's neurological experiment at Berkeley. As the test proceeds, Edson finds Daniel is able to perform better than expected... at least until they skip ahead to something a little more complex.
    • That Day in November
      Daniel McCarthy travels in his memory back to 1999, when he volunteers for a neurological experiment at Berkeley, performed by a grad student named Edson Cross.
    • Evaluation
      Episode 2
      Daniel McCarthy finds himself captured, drugged and interrogated by a mysterious Dr. Malik, who probes his recollection of the things that led to what happened to him as well as the others in the underground system.
    • The Beginning of the End
      The year is 2011 and Daniel McCarthy is journeying deep into his subconscious during a sensory deprivation experiment in his lab. A flash of a memory of his long lost wife brings a new connection to certain mysteries of the puzzles he has yet to solve.