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Unscripted is an AOL and Moviefone joint project and web series that offers candid, fun interviews with Hollywood's hottest celebrities and film directors. But unlike other boring interview sessions, there isn't some uninteresting facing them on the other chair, it's celebrities asking each other questions. And even greater, they could be your submitted questions that they ask. That's what makes it Unscripted! Ever wanted to know something in particular of Mike Myers and the rest of the "Shrek" cast? Or find out what "Date Night" star Steve Carell thinks of a hypothetical date between his "Office" Character, Michael Scott and Liz Lemon from "30 Rock" played by Tina Fey? Here is your one opportunity to drop your question on Robert Downey, Jr., Miley Cyrus, or Chris Rock. The main stars of every recent big film take time out of their day to do what celebs do best, talk about themselves!

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AIRED ON 12/12/2011

Season 2011 : Episode 12.12.11

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