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Video Game Reunion is the comedy web series where we join video game heroes 25 years after their prime. If you were born in the 80's you definitely remember playing the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Those 2 red buttons and the grey game cartridges that you had to blow into every 5 minutes definitely bring back memories if you grew up in the 80's and 90's. We spent hours upon hours with the system, transporting ourselves into the worlds of these 8-bit heroes. From the plumber brothers Mario and Luigi, to the alien-killing Samus, the Zelda-saving Link, and the brave blue MegaMan, we grew to know and love these characters like they were our close friends. We grew up, some of us forgot about video games, some of the franchises faded into obscurity, and suddenly our friends were gone. Now after all these years, the stars of these games are coming back together for a reunion. Will Bowser still be after Princess Peach? Will Zelda and Link ever work things out? Is Samus still a hottie? Find out as all of your favorite video game characters come back together after 25 years, in the and web series Video Game Reunion.


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Satire, Parody & Spoof