We Need Girlfriends

Season 1 Episode 3


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Henry and Rod help Tom jazz up his MySpace profile in an attempt to make Sarah jealous.
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    Tita Ferick

    Tita Ferick

    Girl on bench

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    Rob Alicea

    Rob Alicea

    "LOOZE IT 2 ME" Kevin

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    Olivia Villanti

    Olivia Villanti


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      • Tom: (reading Sarah's MySpace profile comments) Oh my god, I've never seen so many vaguely sexual comments in my life! Who are these people?!
        Rod: (looks at comments) Uh, this guy looks like a handsomer version of you.

      • Henry: (waking up Tom) Tom! Thomas!
        Tom: (waking up) Henry?
        Henry: (off-handedly) Rod's here, too.
        Rod: 'sup.
        Tom: Did you wake me up to talk about my MySpace page?!
        Henry: Uh, more or less, but hear me out...

      • Henry: At first, we were kinda suspicious when we noticed that she moved "LOOZE IT 2 ME" to her number one in her top eight.
        Rod: But we knew for sure when we saw this picture of him grabbing your girlfriend's boobs.
        Henry: One of his interests is "my baby."
        Rod: That must mean "Sarah."
        Henry: (with great disdain) His favorite movie is "Boondocks Saints!"
        Rod: Wanna see his profile pics?
        Tom: What could she possibly see in him? She's so smart, a-and pretty, and he's such a--
        Henry: --douche? I know.

      • Henry: Carol's default photo is a picture of her and my arm... She Photoshopped me out of her life.

      • Henry: You know, I spent most of my life without a girlfriend, so to go back to my normal pathetic self is, like, sort of a... relief. I miss me always letting myself down.
        together in cheers)
        Tom: (beginning to grin) You know, I miss me, too.
        Henry: Then here's to us.
        (they clank their beer bottles together in cheers)
        Tom: Alright, whaddya say? Let's go downstairs and delete our MySpace accou--
        Henry: (interrupting) Oh no, no, no, no, no. Not a chance. Frankly, it's the only thing I have left.

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