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Web Drifter

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Web Drifter is a web show that shows the creators behind some of the most unusual websites on the internet. Martin Sargent is the host of this show and he travels around the world and interviews the people who run these websites. He travels everywhere in the United States from Pennsylvania to California and Mississippi to Arizona. In each episode, Martin tries to get into the minds of unique people like Randy Constan, who believes he is Peter Pan; Alex Chiu, who claims to have invented the immortality ring or Harold Ivey, the swamp-dweller. Nothing is normal in this show as he talks to wizards, UFO hunters, people searching for Bigfoot or people who can see animal ghosts. Every show is an adventure, as Martin takes the viewers along on his journey allowing them to ride shotgun in the car with him. While his guests may be unique but many of them have managed to turn their obsession into a career via their website. For others though, their website is simply a hobby that allows them to share the thoughts with the world.


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AIRED ON 10/30/2008

Season 2008 : Episode 10.30.08

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