What's My Line?

Season 6 Episode 13


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Nov 28, 1954 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • The goof was not a technical goof, but an error in thinking by the usually very sharp Fred Allen. While questioning Mystery Guest Herbert Marshall, Fred queries, "Well, something from his voice leads me to ask the question, were you born in this country?" Fred receives a "no" answer from John, because Mr. Marshall was born in England. At the end of the round, however, Fred disputes John's earlier answer, saying, "I asked you if he was born not in this country." John incredulously asks, "Did you?" Fred responds, "I sure did. I don't want to make any trouble, you understand." After a very brief discussion, John graciously says, "I think that was my fault, Fred. If it was messed up, I messed it up." However, the audio track is very clear. Fred is mistaken in his recollection. His question was indeed phrased, "Were you born in this country?" In spite of his slip, everyone was a good sport, although I'm sure John was wishing that this episode had taken place after the invention of the instant replay, and not before. - Lee McIntyre (2005)

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