What's My Line?

Season 7 Episode 8


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Oct 23, 1955 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Apparently, Charlotte Whitton wasn't properly cued by the producer or director to be ready to sign in when her turn came. The camera gives us our customary close-up shot of the sign-in board, ready to catch the contestant's signature, whether it be legible or a scrawl. However, this time, we wait. Hmmm, is something wrong? John repeats the cue. Certainly now, our guest will sign in. Oh no, we are still waiting! John's blood pressure must be rising. We're still waiting. What is going on? Don't they know millions of Americans are waiting for a sign in? Then, we cut to a long shot of the sign-in board and see something perhaps never seen before - or since - on What's My Line?: A camera shot absolutely devoid of people! It's as if everybody packed up and went home! We see just the stark set. It's a brief shot, for John enters the picture and looks behind the curtain, calling "You-hoo!" Amidst audience laughter, he then wanders behind his desk, starts to sit, then stands, then is obviously relieved when Charlotte Whitton appears, 17 full seconds late! It might seem like a fleeting moment, but 17 seconds of unscripted silence is a lifetime in live television! - Lee McIntyre (2005)