Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Season 3 Episode 54

The Big Boom Bust

Aired Unknown Dec 09, 1993 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • Locations in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam:

      Rex Hotel
      Notre Dame Cathedral
      Saigon Zoo
      Lacquerware Factory
      Cu Chi Tunnels
      Ho Chi Minh Statue (Warrant)
      Lam Son Square
      Orchid Park (Cannon)
      Madame Dai's Restaurant
      Binh Tay Market
      Emperor of Jade Palace
      War Museum
      Reunification Hall
      Ond Bon Pagoda (Robo)
      Dong Du Street

  • Quotes

    • Greg: Hey, guys. What's the word on the table?
      Scott: Hey, Greg. The word on the table is "dahomey". Now, Robo-Crook's on the Gulf of Guinea, in a west-African country that used to be called the Kingdom of Dahomey.
      Greg: Sure. One of Africa's greatest kingdoms for 300 years. Big armies, big cities?
      Scott: Right. And brass sculptures. You know, Greg, ancient African sculptures become a precious commodity lately. In 1989, a bronze sculpture of a king's head was auctioned off for almost $3,000,000!
      Barry: Yeah. And speaking of valuable sculpture, Greg, check this out.
      (he pushes a figurine of Greg into play-doh, thus causing hair to slowly sprout out of the head, to everyone's surprise)
      Greg: Very nice. Maybe if ya bury it for a couple 100 years, it'll be worth something. Thanks, guys. Appreciate that.

    • Greg: What percentage Benin's adult population can read and write? About 1/3, About 1/2, or 9/10? (Amy rings in) Amy?
      Amy: What is 1/3?
      Greg: Uh, (laughs) yes, that's right. 1/3 is right. Very good. 5 for you. I thought I was on another game show for just a minute there. Sorry. Kinda shook me up.

    • Carmen: Robo, those ACME agents are closing in. Head for an African nation split by the Zambezi River.
      Robo: Okay. I'll access my Portuguese language database.
      Carmen: Not so fast, Robo. Portuguese is the official language, but most people there don't speak the official language.
      Robo: That is not logical.
      Carmen: Portugal occupied the place for 450 years and wanted Portuguese spoken. Now, the country's independent, and most citizens speak what they've been speaking all along. Different forms Bantu, the native language.
      Robo: Do they have silica gel? I'm dying for some lunch.

    • Robo: Robocrook Unit-059 calling. According to my default program, when imprisoned for more than 11 seconds, I automatically rat on my owner. Look for Carmen in North America.

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