Without a Trace

Season 7 Episode 10

Cloudy With a Chance of Gettysburg

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Dec 16, 2008 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: At the end of the episode, Jack fires a cannon, a shell whistling through the air is heard, and then hits a car off camera. It's unlikely that re-enactors of war would have a live round in any of their firearms.

  • Quotes

    • Jack: Unless his bike has opposable thumbs, he lied about what happened to him.
      Sam: Well, maybe whoever cut him came back to finish the job.
      Jack: Just goes to show.
      Sam: What's that?
      Jack: Can't trust a guy in a bow tie.

    • Dale Harmon: Missing? Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.
      Sam: You know, normally we like a little more contrition in our suspects.
      Dale Harmon: Suspect?
      Sam: Yeah.
      Dale Harmon: I didn't do anything to that jackass.

    • Dale Harmon: Grow some balls. Catch a bad guy.
      Ben Coleman: I'm the weatherman.
      Dale Harmon: For now. Eventually, you'll be the guy that somebody younger, less talented replaces. Until then, try not to suck.

    • Sam: Let me get this straight. You sent him to confront a murder suspect?
      Dale Harmon: Yeah … It's probably not my finest moment.

    • Vivian: Well, why would Kirby set up Ben to do a phony exposé on his boss?
      Martin: For stealing his girlfriend. He was hoping Ben would get his ass kicked.
      Vivian: (scoffs) And that wasn't enough, so he stabs him and then maybe abducts him, all for this woman?
      Martin: Maybe she's really hot. (Vivian scoffs again)

    • Miss Collins: Apparently, because of the prank, Kirby got a nickname that followed him all throughout high school.
      Sam: And what was that?
      Miss Collins: Fruit of the Loom.

    • Danny: Yeah, I don't get it. I mean, all this because he got pantsed in front of his school?
      Elena: And in front of the girl that he had a crush on.
      Danny: Okay, does something like this really ruin your whole, entire life?
      Elena: (laughs) It might, if you were Kirby. But you were probably more of a Ben, so …
      Danny: Yeah. And you?
      Elena: I had a Kirby phase.
      Danny: Really?
      Elena: Awkward. Bad skin. Bad hair.
      Danny: I find that hard to believe.
      Elena: (laughs) It's true.

    • Jack: What'd you do to Ben Coleman?
      Kirby Morris: What do you mean?
      Jack: He's missing.
      Kirby Morris: He's missing? Where did he go?
      Jack: Well, if we knew that, he wouldn't be missing, would he?

    • Kirby Morris: I can explain that too.
      Jack: (sarcastically) Fantastic.
      Kirby Morris: All right. I stabbed him.
      Jack: (laughs) There you go, see? Great. Okay. That was so easy. Now, you tell us where he is, we can go home, and you go to jail.

    • Danny: This was an odd one, huh?
      Jack: Oh, man. Like being in a Salvador Dali painting.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Finland: February 6, 2009 on MTV3
      Czech Republic: March 11, 2009 on TV Nova
      Australia: October 28, 2009 on Channel 9
      Turkey: November 9, 2009 on CNBC-e

  • Allusions

    • Jack: Oh, man. Like being in a Salvador Dali painting.

      Jack refers to the man who was perhaps the 20th century's most famous surrealist artist. The eccentric Dalí painted works which were capable of figuratively bending time and space and literally distorting the senses, such as his most famous work, The Persistence of Memory (sometimes called Soft Watches or Melting Clocks).