Woke Up Dead

Crackle (ended 2009)


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  • Season 1
    • Mother's Day
      Episode 22

      Drex (Jon Heder) was hit by a bus but that's nothing to compared to a visit from mommy dearest. Matt is happily sprung by mom's surprise. Though mom has a surprise of her own. She may be the key to understanding what is happening to Drex.

    • Drex (Jon Heder) is trapped at work. Aurora and Drex need a plan to break out of the office. Will Matt and Cassie make it in time to save Drex from jail? At least waking up dead has giving Drex the strength he needed to stand up for himself.

    • The Not Bank Job
      Episode 20

      Drex (Jon Heder) is becoming closer to Aurora and farther from Cassie. If not for Matt's spy cams Drex might be lost to them. However, Drex's new life of crime might have a shorter life span than his previous waking life.

    • Kiss of the Dead
      Episode 19

      Drex (Jon Heder) has a new supergirl in his life. His new powers make it easy to sneak around without Matt and Cassie knowing. Will today be the start of Drex's new life with Aurora or will Aurora find out something about Drex that will wow her socks off?

    • Back to School
      Episode 18

      Drex (Jon Heder) returns to Aurora to get answers. He gets answers with a huge bang! Meanwhile Matt and Cassie are left out of the loop. Will their worrying about him help to bring him back from Aurora's grasp or simple push Drex farther into her arms?

    • My Gun is Dead
      Episode 17

      Drex (Jon Heder) is trapped by sexy WUD girl. This girl doesn't want to hurt Drex though instead she's got a offer for Drex that he shouldn't refuse. Meanwhile, Cassie and Matt are going crazy trying to find Drex alive...I mean dead.

    • Single Dead Female
      Episode 16

      Drex (Jon Heder) uses his new powers to track down W.U.D. girl. Problem is this girl doesn't go down without a fight. Will Cassie and Matt bea ble to find Drex before the enemy does something naughty with him?

    • 10/19/09

      Drex (Jon Heder) meets his match. What do you get when you cross a zombie with a Playboy bunny? I don't know but it's smoking hot! While Matt is fantasizing about Cassie and the new zombie woman, Drex starts tracking down Pistburgh666.

    • Date Night
      Episode 14

      Drex (Jon Heder) is out to find Pitsburgh666. There is no way Cassie and Matt are going to let Drex walk into a trap alone. When the trio shows up at the spot they find something that both frightens and turns Matt on. Can Matt disgust Casie anymore than he already has?

    • Hide and Seek
      Episode 13

      Drex (Jon Heder) is on the hunt. When the mystery IM'er chats again Drex tracks them down goes to meet them. Is he walking into a trap? Also, why is Andy (Wayne Knight) making the work so difficult. Can’t he just lay off and find someone else ot bother?

    • IM of the Dead
      Episode 12

      Drex (Jon Heder) just wants to liven up the place with a picture of Cassie. So why is Andy (Wayne Knight) freaking out? I bet he made the stupid company policy. Another message from the mystery im'er leaves Drex wondering just what is going on.

    • Feeling Groovy
      Episode 11

      Drex (Jon Heder) finds himself back in the hospital after taking a little trip. A trip 3 stories straight down. Anything to help out your roommate, right? Besides Cassie is at the hospital and being there gives Drex a chance to tell her how he really feels.

    • Pill of the Dead
      Episode 10

      The mystery pill man is revealed. Drex (Jon Heder) takes Matt and Cassie to see the man who gave him the little blue pill. One answer in this undead puzzle only leads to another though.

    • 10/11/09

      She could've been the one. Drex (Jon Heder) wimps out about meeting Debbie and so Cassie (Krysten Ritter) is sent to do the dirty work. While Matt (Josh Gad) cheers up Drex Cassie finds a clue about the mystery pill man.

    • Dead Man Typing
      Episode 8

      Dead or alive this is a good day. Drex (Jon Heder) finds that being a zombie gives him super skills. At work, however, Drex's new found powers challenge the reign of Andy (Wayne Knight). But will he be able to keep this job? Plus, his new job gives him access to new information.

    • Lost & Found
      Episode 7

      How do you test if you've been zombiefied? Cassie (Krysten Ritter) puts Drex (Jon Heder) through all the tests she knows to see if he's undead. The results are amazing but not as amazing as the new messages Drex got from a mystery im'er. How much can Drex really count on Cassie and Matt?

    • 10/5/09

      Maybe Drex (Jon Heder) is becoming a zombie. If not why is he dreaming about eating brains? Drex, Cassie, & Matt go searching for the mystery pill man. All the search for the mystery pill reveals is another mystery man that has been following Drex

    • Up and At 'Em
      Episode 5

      You don't know what you got until it's gone. Take living for example. Sure Drex (Jon Heder) caught his girlfriend making out with a tattooed drug dealer at a party but is that any reason to become the living dead?

    • The Working Dead
      Episode 4

      Trying to be normal was never so complicated. Not only does Drex (Jon Heder) have to deal with his psycho cubical neighbor Andy (Wayne Knight) but a strange message hints that someone unknown might be in the know about his zombie-ness.

    • Work It All Out
      Episode 3

      Drex (Jon Heder) got a job a soulless corporation that is draining his life away. Is that why the only thing he can eat is a zombie's favorite dish: raw brain! As Matt (Josh Gad) and Cassie (Krysten Ritter) try to help Drex someone else has been waiting for this moment all their life.

    • Dead TV
      Episode 2

      There's got to be a simple explanation for this. Life is turning into weird central for Drex (Jon Heder). Will Cassie (Krysten Ritter) help or does she have some selfish motive like Matt (Josh Gad)? Trying to be normal was never so complicated.

    • Premiere Episode
      Episode 1