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    • The Young and the Restless: Coffee Shop Battle
      Daytime TV gets bloody. Sharon and Amy discuss Matt and his cryptic note; and in an update of the old western showdown, Matt and Nick (two guys with perfect hair), come to blows at the coffee shop.
    • Young & the Restless: Double Trouble in a Diner
      Where would a soap opera be without doubles, and unrealistic schemes? Posing as “Marge” and slinging hash in Joe’s diner, Kay considers a nefarious plan and a fresh start. Ahh, the magic of television knows no bounds.
    • The Young and the Restless: Genoa City Says Hello!
      The time is 1973, the place is Genoa City and the rest is history. This is the very first episode of Y&R and the birthplace of some of the greatest plots in daytime television.
    • The Young and the Restless: Surgery and Impotence
      A day after the surgery, Dr. Jacobs removes Kay’s bandage and is pleased with her appearance. Later, Liz stops by the hospital to raise Kay’s spirits and Nikki has a heart-to-heart chat with Victor.
    • The Young & the Restless: Danny Catches a Cricket
      On the day of her wedding, Cricket thinks about her mother and how much the event would have meant to her. Then she’s off to tie the knot with Danny.
    • The Young & the Restless: A Shocking Vow
      The Young & the Restless: A Shocking Vow
      Season 1 - Episode 365947
      While Nikki and Victor exchange vows, Ashley records a video message for Abby and reveals a shocking secret. But really - is anything actually shocking at this point?
    • The Young & the Restless: Disaster Wedding
      On the morning of Ryan’s wedding, Nick passes along some hopeful words about Victor; as Victoria prepares for her big day, Trisha enters the bridal room and carries out a sinister plan with a dull “thunk.”
    • The Young and the Restless: Nikki gets Nekkid
      Snapper visits Sally and expresses his doubts about the gravity of Chuckie’s kidney condition. Defensive and angry, Sally asks him to leave. Meanwhile, Leroy and Cash throw a welcome back party for Nikki and Victor is captivated with her dancing.
    • Young & the Restless: Wedding Woes
      Young & the Restless: Wedding Woes
      Season 1 - Episode 364159
      John and Jessica get married. After the ceremony, the new couple tells the family they have a personal, painful, and shocking announcement to make.
    • The Young and the Restless: Horse Instability
      Sometimes, unfortunately, you do choose your family. After speaking with Vicki’s father, Cole joins Vicki in the horse stable. She suggests they run away together in married bliss, but he refuses, and has no option but to tell her the icky truth.
    • Young & the Restless: Creepy Sewer Cadaver
      Nikki and Sharon have a covert meeting with Larry in a dangerous part of the city at night. Larry takes them down into the sewer system to offer proof of Cameron’s death. He uncovers the body, but is it Cameron?
    • Young & the Restless: I Will Crush You!
      Young & the Restless: I Will Crush You!
      Season 1 - Episode 364161
      After Victor sees a picture of Brad and Jack on the wall, Victor and Jack enter a heated discussion about the past and future of Newman Enterprises. Words are exchanged, and valuable wall portraits become kindling.
    • Young & the Restless: Bikini!
      Young & the Restless: Bikini!
      Season 1 - Episode 364162
      Vicki has some trouble keeping her bikini on; Phyllis spots Chris and Paul on vacation and plans a little surprise for them: think sushi in bed, but less romantic.
    • The Young and the Restless: The 'Hoff Gets Hassled
      Chuckie prepares to be discharged from the hospital as “Doc” Snapper Foster (David Hasselhoff) grapples with his emotions.
    • Young & the Restless: A Divorce and a Drink
      Back in her drinking days, Kay argues with Phillip Chancellor…who hopes to finalize their divorce.
    • The Young and the Restless: Vasectomy Secrets
      John apologizes to Jill for having a vasectomy without consulting her; Michael continues to chip away at the brick wall of Cricket’s apartment.
    • Young & the Restless: Killer Cougar Catfight
      Tune in for the infidelity, stay for the cougar in a catfight. Diane talks to Michael about Vicki, and Jill goes through Phillip’s belongings, maybe finding something of value. Kay interrupts; the women have words…and a lady gets choked.