Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 3 Episode 32

Turning The Page (2)

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Mar 22, 2008 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • The Spell Card that Bronn uses to Special Summon Reign-Beaux from the Graveyard is referred to as "Corridor to Dark World". The actual name of this card is "Gateway to Dark World".

  • Quotes

    • (Jaden draws a card)
      Bronn: What's this? You're continuing? I'm sure your friends would applaud your efforts. If you hadn't gotten them all sent to the stars!
      Jaden: Don't talk about my friends! But if you really want to know how they feel, ask them yourself, 'cause you're gonna see them all soon!

    • Alexis: (to Jaden) I thought we were friends, but I was wrong. We don't matter, and it's so sad to know that.

    • Bronn: You may have won, but think about all that you've lost! You have nothing to show for it but anger and pain. They will be your new friends.

    • Jaden: My friends may be gone, but I plan on staying right here. I used to duel for fun, but now I'm dueling to avenge what you did to my best friends! (his eyes turn gold) It's payback time!

    • Bronn: That's it, Jaden. Feed into your anger. Your actions will only lead to your defeat.

    • Jaden: So, Bronn, as long as you keep bring your Reign-Beaux back around, I'll keep on taking it down over and over, and eventually I'll have my revenge on you! So hurry up and resurrect it! I know this won't bring my friends back, but watching you squirm sure makes me feel better.

    • Syrus: You've changed, Jaden. It's all your fault that our friends have vanished. You led us here just so you could feel better, J! Because of Jesse, right? Well, he's gone! Just like everyone else!

    • Jaden: (on his knees) Why is this happening to me? I was just trying to make things right, and I-I ended up making things wrong for everyone! Why?! Why did this all happen? How am I ever going to make things right again?!

    • Shadowy Figure: (to Jaden inside his mind) Jaden, I want you to be who you were meant to be, a great warrior. But for that, you need power.
      Jaden: Power? But how do I get that?
      Shadowy Figure: That card, Super Polymerization. (the apparition's shape and voice begins to resemble Jaden) To unlock its secrets, defeat those who oppose you and absorb the duel energy that's released.
      Jaden Hold up! Just who are you?
      Shadowy Figure: The one who rules this world. The Supreme King!
      Jaden: (his eyes turning gold) Supreme King...

  • Notes

    • Left out of the dub is Bronn's explanation of what he was going to use "Super Polymerization" for. He was going to summon a Fusion Monster called "Colorless, Chaos King of Dark World". The only thing known about this monster is that "Reign-Beaux, Overlord of Dark World" is one of the fusion material monsters needed to summon it.

    • First appearance of Jaden's dark alter ego, the Supreme King.

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