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    Hi , we watch the show daily and love the way you always do nice things for people. I'd like to share a story about my cat who recently needed an operation to remove string from his intestines and I could not begin to pay for the cost of this surgery. I found this wonderful organization called , They raise funds to help pets in need. These people raised the entire funding for my cat and he is now recovering nicely .

    The reason I came here today is to try and raise some help for another person with a pet in need , this lady has a little dogg named Ceasar and he needs to have an operation badly so I thought I might reach out everywhere I could think of to get this little dog the help he needed. I just feel like I need to try to help since all of these people were so good hearted to help my cat the way they did. I will put a link below to visit the fundraiser page for anyone who might want to help the little guy, and I hope I have'nt broken any rules here by doing so but I think that given the way Ellen feels about animals she would'nt mind if I did this so here goes.

    You can view the whole story about little Ceasar at :

    You may need to login / Register to view the threads , Please do people this is a worthy cause indeed ,

    Thanks so much for hearing our story , Rich

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