Forums: Welcome New Users: Offensive language in a review, can you complain?

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    Hi I have just come to this site as I normally do to read the tv reviews. Sometimes I agree, sometimes I don't thats neither here nor there, but I feel like the language used in Tim Surette's recent review of Sons of Anarchy was deeply offensive. Using the word shemale in the title of a review that is on the front page of the site is disgraceful, now know doubt he'll say im not prejudiced etc I was merely making a pun and being funny but I know a number of trans people who would be deeply offended by the use of that word. Would he have used the N word in a review on s how that included a black person? Its the same thing, tranny, she male they are offensive terms for trans women and do not belong anywhere never mind a site that caters to a large number of people. There is a responsibility when you cater for so many people, does it not occur to you that trans people watch tv too? How would you feel if you came to one of the websites you normally enjoy and saw someone using an offensive term that someone has spat at you whilst attacking you on their front page????

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    How is "Shemale" anoffensive term? That's what they are no? If they get offended by that kind of name then how are they of that sexual orientation? And it is not like calling a black person the "N" word. You don't choose to be born black. People choose to become a transvestite. If he called it a "Blackmails & F*gg*ts or something of that sort I could see you or someone else being upset/offended. You need to not get your panties in a bunch over something so little. And yes I know you posted the comment a little over 2 weeks ago but I just made this account and came to this site for the first time andof coursefirst thing I do is see your comment complaining about him using the term "shemale". You must be single-minded on the whole transvestite orientation vocabulary.

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    i used this site from the beginning still have no idea how to make a complaint or contact the moderators,had many issues just get ignored because despite days of searching im cannot find any way to contact anyone in authority.just got censored for using the word h o m ophobia came up as ****phobia .but is there a 2contact us" at the bottom of the page ,no that might cost them money
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